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Thermal energy (calories) Calories

Thermal power unit for humans is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water from a four Sntgrad to score five Sntgrad above zero. Has taken Calorie (calories) is a measure of the power of food. Provide caloric energy needed by the body to stay alive. In food, there are calories in carbohydrates (sugar Kalncha), fats and proteins. The fat Vetofr more than twice the number of calories per gram compared proteins and بالكاربوهيدرات.

Thus, each gram of Algljkoz, for example, may in the body generates heat equivalent to 3.74 calories and a gram of fat generates a temperature of 9.4 calories and one gram of starch generates 4.19.

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 Digest Food digestion

Food are substances that enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract, which starts from the mouth and anus ends. It is known that the purpose of food is to provide the body with the necessary resources to supply sufficient energy to be able to perform his functions as required, either and digestive functions are chemical changes in the food so that it becomes the food is ready for absorption.
The digestion starts from the mouth Fajn food with saliva which converts carbohydrates to sugars and then rushes food to the stomach Mara esophagus where it continues the process of digesting carbohydrates by saliva At the same time begins digesting layers food contact of the stomach by their secretions even comes on the amount of food the whole فتندفع mass food indigestible part about passing bowel section called twelve to be the most important for the digestive processes in the small intestine by the various secretions where the body absorbs the bulk of indigestible material outputs and then up the food to the large intestine and rectum (tank waste), which ends Palast (anus).
The usual remain solid food in the stomach a period ranging from two to four hours or more (depending on the quality and quantity of food) unlike liquids with more easily and quickly note that psychological factors have an impact effectively improve the digestive process and whether or not. Therein lies the secret to benefit from the food to the fullest Valanscherah and susceptibility to food and stay away from disturbing influences are the basis to take advantage of food and quickly digest properly.

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