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Carbohydrates Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are any of the components of foods that break down into glucose, a type of sugar used by cells to gain energy. It follows from the burning of carbohydrates in the body for power generation and heating and activity to the extent that the body needs, the excess of which liver Vijtzn. There are two types of carbohydrates
  1. Simple Type: Located in the sugar, honey, candy bars, for example,
  2. Complex type: found in vegetables, potatoes, bread, pasta and rice.
And should enter the complex carbohydrates on the basis of your diet
 Fatty substances Fats
Fat very important element of energy benefiting from the body directly or Adka until needed note that absorption of fat is not only after converting in the intestine to fatty acids and if increased amount of fatty substances from the body's need then can accumulate rather than burned, in different parts of the body most important tissue fat and may accumulate in the linings of blood vessels. It should be noted here that the fats are essential for life and good health. However, they are harmless and harmful when dealing with a lot of them.

What are the sources of fat?
  • Animal fats: meat, milk, butter, and egg yolks
  • Vegetable fats: olive, corn, cotton, peanuts, sesame, soybean, sunflower, walnut, almond, etc.
This can not be determined the quantity necessary for people correctly but we can say that a healthy person's necessary fat on the face approximate 15-35 grams or more per day, depending on the energy burn body as a result voltage of movements of Gethsemane, and as for those in convalescent and children Valzmanm consumption fatty substances in excess of the others.

What are the types of fat?
Three types of fat in terms of chemical composition, namely:
  1. Simple fat
  2. Fat vehicle
  3. Fats derived from simple and compound
And each has its benefits its own so فالدهن animal does not sing alone for fat vegetarian note that fat is more food supply for the body energy, followed by protein then carbohydrates It is noticeable that fat (fat animal, margarine, oil) if heated to a high temperature it changes installed chemotherapy and turn into toxic compounds is therefore advisable not be used for frying and in particular repeat the same fat frying formerly protected where doubles harmful times and times (may be a factor for atherosclerotic disease and cancer).

Note: It is scientifically proven that cotton oil may cause impotence in males after it was observed that the animals that were dealing with food from the dry branches of the cotton plant got when males curse.
 Proteins Proteins
The protein is of great importance in terms of value vital because it contains amino acids vital beneficial for growth and health is the most appropriate food to build tissue. Valbrocinat is essential for the formation of muscle, the most effective part of the body to burn calories. The proteins found in meat, dairy products, and lesser amounts in grains and vegetables. And you have to feed protein enough, but beware of protein-rich foods are often high fat percentage.
What are the types and sources of protein?
The most important types of meat protein is a protein which supplies the body with all kinds of amino acids. The plant proteins that are found in wheat, corn, rice, beans, etc. They are less beneficial because each type of plant unique to particular types of amino acids or lacking. Note that the body can not store amino acids, so you must constantly supplied to the body.
What are the early symptoms of a lack of proteins?
  • Fast weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Low resistance to disease
  • The loss in children that causes slow growth, diarrhea
    If this shortage continues, it may lead to different symptoms of liver injuries and tumors, and a hormonal imbalance leads to inadequate urination, and so on.
Not borne in mind that the benefit depends on the method of protein outfitted to eat may cause reddening (frying), for example, only reduce its usefulness as well as making left-handed digestible protein digestion and whenever fully benefited the body from the amino acids in it. The amount needed to need human daily animal protein and vegetable are intermediate is one gram per kilogram of body weight to be the amount of animal protein not less than one third of total amount of protein necessary for the body noted that Senate and the young who need more protein and this applies to male and females. The milk protein and egg nearly protein meat but milk, eggs descend into poverty in protein compared to meat It is very difficult to secure the human needs of this protein by these foods.

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