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Sodium Sodium
Element sodium exists in nature كمركبات many of which sodium chloride (table salt) that this salt a necessity of life, he is a part of the material Albrootoplazema vital cells of living organisms and the presence required a certain amount in all internal fluids vital to sustain life even if dropped the amount needed body or nearing warning came calling to make up for this risk to provide the body with this item.
Because man loses part of it through raised secretions of the body is imperative compensate for what was lost by food containing salt or eating salt itself to be committed to the consumption of this article to the extent necessary.
The salt found in nature Bmanagmeh own, but there is also in meat, fish, milk, vegetables, and bread containing salt according to the methods used in the making and it needs an adult per day to about ten grams or more of salt, an amount may lose body secretions ethnic through three hours during the effort and hard under the sun, so attention must provide the body with the necessary quantity and additional intake while exposure to stressful work and warm weather to recover the lost body because these discharges containing salt material.
What are the disadvantages of excessive eating salt?
Diabetes is caused by stiffness and inflammation of the pancreas (a gland that secretes insulin to the extent necessary for the body to maintain the amount of sugar in the blood and burning more than the body needs). And pancreatic inflammation and stiffness may be due to excessive intake of salt and sugar industry. The injury early in the arteries (high blood pressure) and premature aging caused by excessive eating salt and many nutritional scientists believe that excessive salt intake occurs sclerosis and inactivity as the brain and muscles, eyes and genital organs and other lose their elasticity and become prone to calcification because of it.
Doctors prevent patients from eating salt to the presence of the sodium metal What applies to salt applies to each article where this metal such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulphate (laxative) sodium salicylate, and bread containing salt
 Phosphorus Phosphorus
That of phosphorus utmost importance as well as its importance in the formation of bones and teeth, it also plays an important role in the growth and operations that draw energy from nutrients, and it is necessary to install the installation of body fluids necessary for life and enters in the composition different tissues and helps deposition material of calcium in the bones, a nutritious of the brain as it is an important element essential in blood plasma is installed strengthens the memory and activated the nerves.
What are the sources of phosphorus?
The richest dietary sources are bone, eggs, bran, then milk, liver and kidney, fish
 Fluorine Flourine
Enters element fluorine in the installation of solid port that covers the teeth and maintains health. This also includes the installation of the spinal bones series.

What are the sources?
In lettuce and fruit peels, egg yolks, fish, salt, pure food of others.
 Calcium Calcium

Calcium is a very important element and suffice it to say that the building of bones and teeth depends on this element so Valsgar they desperately needed to build bones and deformity appears in growth if they lack this element. The pregnant mother in dire need of an additional amount of this element because the fetus derives nutrition from the mother, especially in late pregnancy and also breastfeeding.
The lack of the body to this article cause tooth decay and bone curvature and rickets and decline in muscle strength and Chnjha and nervous pain and other things that affect the young and old alike. On the other hand, the presence of a calcium in the blood is essential to the process of coagulation in the case of bleeding, because the calcium activates yeast known as (Trumban), a yeast clotting in addition to the need for lime to the body's cells to help him perform his functions perfectly, especially the digestive system and circulatory system and its impact a clear contraction of the heart muscles.
What are the sources?
Milk (which is in Ofer cheese), sardines (because it is eaten with bones)

What is the daily requirement of calcium?

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