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Obesity (overweight) Obesity

Serious disease called obesity

Has seen a lot as a simple command, has been seen by some as a mere stock unacceptable or distort the beauty of our bodies, remembers little of the seriousness However stand idly unable to stop it.
All of these and you dear say - watch out for the dangerous disease called obesity, and must always remember that it is a disease, not a simple disease, but is a disease of serious diseases, it is a disease of modern times.

What is obesity?
Obesity is increasing body weight alone natural result of the accumulation of fat in it, and this accumulation is caused by an imbalance between energy intake from food and energy consumed in the body.

And types of food
Does not come out the installation of any food item dealt with the following nutrients:
1 - carbohydrates
2 - fat
3 - proteins
4 - minerals and vitamins
5 - water
Each of these elements play an important role in supplying energy for the body. The different food in the contents of these elements Some foods contain all the nutrients, but to varying degrees while some contain one or two only, for example, fruits contain carbohydrates more than any other item, bread and milk contains carbohydrates more then proteins fat, and meat contain more proteins then fat Falcrbuhedrat, sugar and contains only carbohydrates.

If eating human carbohydrate shatter in the human body into sugars mono simple (Alglicoz) for use directly as a fuel to provide the human body with energy, also stores a part of the liver in the image of glycogen and increased need for then turns to fat stored in the fatty tissues of the body. The proteins they decompose into simple compounds absorbed into the tissues and muscles or she turns to Glicoz to be used as immediate energy, or they turn into fat stored in the fatty tissue of the human body. But if you eat fat, they either turn to Glicoz used directly for the production of instant energy or store it in the fatty tissues of the body.
Instant energy
What is the instant energy and how we calculated the amount we need her?

The energy needed by the human body is divided into two sections:
  1. Basic energy is needed by the human body for the activities of others involuntarily, such as heart rate, breathing and bowel movement, and others. Usually equivalent to 50-70% of total daily energy needs a very active person, and 40-50% if the average person activity, and 30-40% if the person is active.
  2. Energy activity and movement is caused by human use during the day such as walking, swimming, and movement in general.
The calculated energy the so-called calories (kilowatt) Calorie All movements the human body voluntary or non-voluntary measured this measure, which is heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree centigrade, note that every one gram of carbohydrate or protein gives about four calories and every gram of fat gives about nine calories.

And we can calculate the human energy needs using the following equation:
If the person is active = weight x 40 if the average person activity = weight x 37 if the person is a little activity = weight x 34
Usually the average man needs weight about 2960 kcal
How do you measure obesity?
1. Body Mass Index
One of the best ways that you can determine if your weight was normal or not is what is called a way that body mass index Body Mass Index, or BMI, according to the following equation:
BMI = weight (in kg) divided by height (in square meters)
Click here to calculate your body mass index (BMI)
If the result is less than 20 weight be without natural and if the result is between 20-25 be normal weight and if the result is between 25-30 weight plus natural
If the result is between 30-35, the person is obese
If the result is between 35-40, the person is obese too
And if the result is more than 40, the person is considered excessive in obesity

Example to calculate body mass index (BMI) by equation (weight in kg divided Surface cm) If we assume that the weight 98 kg, height 172 cm be Alnetje:
  • Convert cm cm to m = 172 cm ÷ 100 = 1.72 m
  • Convert the length of the meter to meter square = 1.72 x 1.72 = 2.96 m 2 (square meters)
  • If body mass index = 98 kg ÷ 2.96 = 33
This indicates that the person is obese
However, there are some exceptions to the use of body mass index, for example, but not limited to:
  • Children in the process of growth
  • Pregnant women
  • Persons with powerful muscle Kariyadaan
2. Measuring tape
The measuring tape of the techniques used in the measurement of weight, and by measuring waist circumference. The accumulated fat around the waist is more dangerous than fat located in the vicinity of the buttocks or in any other part of the body. Waist retreated means retreat or decrease the amount of fat in the body. The table below important evidence in this regard:

Gender serious risk grave danger actual males more than 94 cm more than 102 cm females over 80 cm more than 88 cm

What causes obesity?
  1. Study food: where it is certain to devour the food calories with high non-payment of these calories leads to the accumulation of fat in the human body note that the fat has the highest efficiency of carbohydrates and proteins in the bloc in the fatty tissues of the body. The best example of this that the spread of the so-called fast food rich in calories in Western countries and other countries led to the prevalence of obesity and associated diseases in many parts of the world did not appear before. If we want to be honest with ourselves, it first and most important reason, which is the only cause in 90% of cases of obesity
  2. Lack of activity and movement: It is known that obesity is rare in people motion Aldaúba or who require their constant activity, but must also know that the low volume of activity alone is not a sufficient reason for the incidence of obesity. There is no doubt that the activity and movement of great benefit in improving human health in general and can be summed up activity and movement in one word is a sport. Studies have indicated that the sport has a role in reducing the proportion of fat and blood Glicoz also have a role in the activity of insulin and a meeting with the tissues of the body, but this figure so large reliable in weight loss? The answer to this question is not, as the studies conducted in this area came with mixed so that it can not recommend the obese sport as a basis for reducing weight, but it can be a contributing factor, especially to relieve contouring of body fat, which reduced weight. In our example, if you practiced swimming or running for a full hour without interruption, you will spend about 170 calories if then stopped and drank a glass of Pepsi and a small piece of chocolate, they will give you 500 calories.
  3. Psychological factors: this case more prevalent in women than in men. When exposed to severe psychological problems is reflected in the image of eating a lot of food.
  4. Endocrine disruption: which is why always appropriate in cases of obesity, than usual and is common to hear say (I've said the doctor told me that she endocrine disruption Bgdda). And again to be honest with ourselves, it's very rare and not the reason in most cases.
  5. Genetics: Also you should know that this factor alone is not responsible for obesity and may not be held liable at all.
The foregoing it is clear to us that the most important reason for the incidence of obesity is eating larger amounts of food than we need.
Obesity and related diseases
Appropriate now that we recognize the complications of this disease:
  1. Obesity, heart disease and sudden death
    Did you know that it is rare to find معمرا obese!, This theory may be the sort of fallacy but a general indication of the obese importance of reducing obesity and weight. The weight excess is overload on the heart and lungs setting calls to each effort multiplier.

    Despite not knowing the relationship between obesity and heart disease and hardening of the arteries but they do exist, although this relationship is also about the nature and type of food in one Butterball where it tends to eat foods rich in B fat or fried more than his penchant for eating proteins or carbohydrates and eating such varieties raises cholesterol in the blood and this is the first risk factor for heart disease.

    The relationship obesity, heart disease and sudden death is a relationship depends on the duration of obesity or age of a person. Some studies have found that the continuation of obesity for more than 10 years the percentage of exposure to heart disease and sudden death, especially when obesity in childhood or young adulthood first.
  2. Obesity and diabetes
    There is no doubt that there is a strong relationship between obesity and diabetes (non-insulin-dependent) is that we should not lose sight of the fact that there are other reasons such as genetics, gender and geographic locations, etc., but what is the relationship of obesity to diabetes?

    Each cell receives materials hormone insulin, which burns Alglicoz to produce energy of these materials is called insulin receptors and if there is no such receptors or less number of the insulin will not work on this cell and hence will not be utilized Alglicoz rate rises in the blood. The these receptors increase of fixed regular on the fatty cell increased the size of the cell, as is the case in the two countries, the number of receptors may be few
    For large-scale cell space. Our advice for both debt reduction and weight as it is the treatment of choice for patients with diabetes as weight reduction leads to improving the situation of insulin secretion and receiving in these patients.
  3. Obesity and high blood pressure
    Suffice to say that the rate of high blood pressure among obese up to three times the rate between ordinary and reduce the weight while minimizing the intake of salt when Mrtfie good blood pressure if their pressure in the range of up to 50%.
  4. Obesity and the joints and ligaments
    Obesity also overload on the joints of the body and Erbtth and appears in the form of multiple joints pain.
  5. Obesity and skin
    Obesity increases the amount of folds in the skin and therefore be prone to skin infections and fungal infections and bacterial infections as well as hot weather intolerance.

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