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What about eating pineapples and pomegranates to lose weight?

There is a widespread belief among some overweight for the benefit of eating certain foods such as fruits, grapefruit, pineapples and pomegranates or juices fresh allegedly melt fat in the human body or help to combustion of other foods, and addresses some of the quail into their diet to lose weight pineapple Ananas sativus belief that help in burning other foods in their bodies, and contain fruit nutrients following: 0.3% protein and 0.1% fat and provides every hundred grams of juice 30 calories, and about 12 mg calcium, 0.3 mg iron and 60 IU of vitamin A and 0.05 mg vitamin B 1 and 0.02 mg vitamin B-2 and 0.1 mg the acid Nicotnik and 26 mg of vitamin C, and in fact no scientific evidence available for the benefit of eating pineapple or juice in the burning of food ingested them in food.

Also thought other people complain of weight gain interest eating pills pomegranates acid or juice fresh in helping to burn the food they eat, may be due to its taste acid is similar to the impact of drinking vinegar, and contains juice pomegranates on the following components: 80% water and 1% protein and 18% carbohydrate including organic acids and provides every hundred grams from 77 calories and 0.7 mg iron and 0.02 mg vitamin B-1 and 0.03 mg vitamin B-2 and 0.2 mg acid Nicotnik and 8 mg of vitamin c.

In fact, does not help drinking pomegranate juice to burn body fat and lose weight, but contributes to the provision of some of the needs of the body of energy, vitamins and minerals in it
 Acupuncture for weight loss .. Is Chinese imagination?
Chinese Acupuncture for weight loss .. Is it Chinese fiction?

Are increasingly obese people to use acupuncture, tools and devices that operate on the basis of its principle scientific aim to get rid of excess weight in their bodies and claim their supporters that he Pressing a specific area or more in the human body or in his ear to discourage Center appetite in Alheiboethelams brain decreases feeling hungry When you follow a diet low in calories described his feeling of fullness after eating little food and no method side effects on health and does not contradict used with any other therapeutic method.

Method used

In a weight loss program placed needle very small diameter of about one millimeter in one place or more is said to be responsible for the feeling of hunger in the ear and then removed after a period of time and use these needles in the form of therapy sessions in private clinics acupuncture or Chinese placed a small piece of silver in a specific area in the ears of the fat and then reach special device gives vibrations light to raise or presses some what looks like a pierced metal to a particular area in the ear and then leaves a period of time up to weeks and followed during which the obese diet low in calories provide 1000 - 1500 kcal Every day prescribed by a dietician or acupuncture expert.

Effectiveness in weight loss
Claims proponents of this method is that the acupuncture needle inactivates center of appetite in Alheiboethelams brain lead to weakening of feeling chubby hungry Faihs satiety after eating little food through signal carried by vagal Vagus Nerve him as accelerate burn rate elements of energy-producing cells in the body and thus reduces weight and not This method side effects on human health and does not contradict used with any other therapeutic method has and can use whatever he was.

Opponents of the use of acupuncture in weight loss programs: attributed the effectiveness of this method in reducing the weight of quail when it occurs mainly to diet few calories user where it may also be acupuncture psychological impact on Used remember and encourages him to achieve his desire to lose weight and there is a need further scientific studies on the use of acupuncture on a larger number of experimental animals to draw other conclusions confirm its usefulness in weight loss or denies.
 Dr. Atkins diet to lose weight ..... Wrong

Invented by Dr. Albert Atkins Dr.Albert Atkins diet to lose weight knew his name Dr. Atkins Diet Dr. Atkins diet and wrote a book titled Revolution Splenda Revelutionary regimen sold countless copies and has been translated into several languages, including Arabic, and the imposition of this diet severe restrictions on the presence of carbohydrates in the diet of fat and allowed him freedom of eating unlimited amounts of protein and fat in it.

Permitted the system to lose weight obtaining fat without restrictions on all protein foods in quantities desired by them, containing fat, and very little carbohydrates existing ones only in vegetables power and the like, and keep away from milk because it contains milk sugar (lactose) and eat a little cheese in his food.

Dr. Atkins claimed lack of interest carbohydrates from sugars and starches such as grain in food for forcing the body fat to burn stock of fat to provide calorie needs.

Scientific opinion
  • Lead follow this diet to a lack of fast body weight 8-10 (approximately 4 kg) pounds during the first week of his followers to be mostly of water and then stops after some time and usually regain the fat he had lost weight.
  • This is a diet high in protein and fat and few carbohydrates, so long lead used to produce acetone bodies within cells as a result of the burning of protein and fat, and then appear in the urine, blood, and a case of ketoacidosis Ketoauidosis bad health.
  • Have a high protein content in the diet has health risks to people who suffer from kidney disease, and may cause increased incidence of gout attacks in people susceptible to this disease occurs as a result of increased concentration of urea acid uric acid in the blood.
  • This diet provides a large amount of cholesterol compound - found in egg yolks - shall be a danger to the health of persons who suffer a rise in blood cholesterol and heart patients and blood circulation and hardening of the arteries.

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