Benefits of a steam bath for the face

 Benefits of a steam bath for the face
    In the name of God the Merciful
    The most important benefits of a steam bath for the face is to increase the blood circulation in the skin and work to lighten the pores to get rid of the maximum amount of fatty secretions and excess fluid and harmful substances skin. And to reach out to the best results during the operation of the steam bath must consider the following:
    - Before using a steam bath wash your face thoroughly and clean and remove traces of makeup materials ... Then cover the hair of the head by (bonnet) to prevent leakage of steam it.
    - Following the completion of the steam bath, whose term ranging from 10 to 15 minutes ... Facial dries completely and then placed it directly creams Oaloguenah nutrients for the skin .... and if you do not need to those masks فيغسل face with cold water.
    If the skin is infected with any infections or acne or colored patches, medication should be used or paints for the treatment of such cases following the completion of the steam bath directly where all the pores are open .. It has full readiness to accept such therapeutic substances.
    - After removing materials treatment or cosmetic creams or masks preferred Tonic clutch pore even close the pores of the skin as they were before the bathroom. Or use cold water or ice ... Must be after the completion of the previous steps do not put any makeup material, but leave the skin a sufficient period of time to help them comfort.

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