By Tahti makeup on your skin ...

Make-up art form has its origins and rules to get in to get the required One of the most important rules is processing the skin before applying make-up to accept makeup well and would assure flawless mien to highlight makeup.

Offers you 4 tips before starting makeup:

1 - paint dry skin cream moisturizer and still excess quantity of it with a tissue as well as he believes good protection for the skin is allowed to cream base that fits better, and in fact can not be an individual foundation cream evenly on dry skin so you must put extra quantity and a matter in taking care for everyone equally and free of stains

2 - cleans oily skin well and then and patting put manner Tonic clutch of pores and after this step we can start makeup directly without the use of a moisturizing cream and gel but we can replace it and ampoules until it forms a layer adheres makeup without leaving traces of oily skin

3 - After preparing the former different skin types can a cream base by sponge dry cream base cream, liquid and moist cream foundation dry, and when we put cream foundation should pay attention to the places the following: the hair roots and the dividing line between the face and neck and Arnepta nose and corners of the mouth and the Forum on the lips

4 - As for the area around the eyes should choose a cream color Open and prefers his way patting also should pay attention, but the amount used should be as few large cream base or is Alkoncelr their business to clarify lines and conglomerate cream base in the folds of the eyes

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