How to show thick eyebrows naturally!!!

Thick eyebrows are closest to the nature of the high-brows, the most fashions that can make you look special charm and attractive, so it offers you beauty experts set of simple steps that earn eyebrows wide and attractive Thakqa usual Atalaltk. 1 - shades of perfection:

You adopt a pen-colored eyebrows less degree of color eyebrows where you'll need to add some color to them and begin Bthdadahma before you put your makeup.
Use Registry specifically (EYE STUDIO MASTER SHAPE ™ BROW PENCIL) it contains a combination like waxy texture eyebrow hairs that gives you specific naturally attractive.

2 - natural selection to get the full perfect shape for your eyebrows:

- Hold By specifically in a vertical manner and begin first from the inner region of the eyebrow.
- After that the official point of Thdda beginning brow nationalist withdraw age pen diagonally and italic eyebrows.
- Eased natural arch Bhajpak pupil and then make the pen angle toward the outside of the eye to Tsm point be the end of the brow.

3 - fill in the blanks:

Try to use a thin mattress to fill voids eyebrows and light between the capillaries.

4 - SHOW eyebrows:

Use a pen light, which can completely hide skin imperfections and national combed eyebrows upward with higher repetitions to put your final touch by lighting and under the eyebrows and along their base.

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