Make your way to success

Praise be to Allah, we praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah
From the evils of ourselves and our evils of Allah guides not misleading him and not mislead Hadi,

Entrance: everything in this life can be a source of happiness, if it considers it a source of happiness, Mark happiness and success title of your life, and live your life and you seek success and happiness.

We are the sons of Adam, people of flesh and blood, our feelings emotion, our hearts are weak, vulnerable to error at all times and in all times, and these errors can be our vulnerability, psychologically or physically. Despite these difficulties, each of us through the curriculum followed, and put in front of him a visible target him alone if achieved, it made ​​his happiness, and reached his goal, but what if you did not achieve this goal and did not succeed in his life??

There is no doubt, that each individual seeks to succeed, wants to succeed in his studies, at home, at work, within Osarthpin peers and friends, between neighbors .. In all areas of life seek each and every one of us to impose himself, saying his speech and most importantly, be audible speech, and in place.
This is not achieved by any one .. Sky does not rain gold, and not any individual could afford tax success, as it is not lavished upon his determination and great optimism. And both make great effort, and do not give up, do not change course because of obstruction simple life or cruel. Persistent and strong personality and determination not divert anything, this is a successful person.
We all strive to be that person and succeed in every aspect of our lives.
It is worth mentioning, that success is not about the life of P, but beyond world Aldnyoyat to the other world of the penalty by the business and acts. World hereafter.
Difficult issue when we are caught between two choices, but even more difficult when we have to distinguish and combine them.
That combines worldly happiness and eschatological is difficult, especially since we are merely individuals who are not around and do not force them Vkevbamkanam sober fair question success in this life and the afterlife? Saab Saab!! And when I say hard, I mean the application, and the talk and talk it remains just talk and is the simplest thing.
Leave the debate is wide open in the framework of the IPO issue.

Director: If we were looking for happiness, P success Muftahaa, and if we want to get rid of unhappiness P success lock
P can achieve success beautiful Almtmanaat and get rid of the worst nightmares memories.

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