Most important specifications of the ideal man in the eyes of Eve

Everyone is looking for the ideal personal private woman who always wishes to have personal
Ideal man who converts colors Hیatھa bouquet of light and so the man is willing to severity
Be a perfect figure, but the problem that the character of the ideal man in the eyes of women vary
Kidney differs from the ideal man character that men want get Alیھa,
If we look on the other side we also find that the perfect woman personality which Aradھa man
Vary about personal ھzh that Tridھa women to herself and ھma Amrdobیay caused by differences
Existing in the nature and way of thinking men and women.
But the problem is when women are highly stick to get a man's personality
Ideal dream Bھa as well as men can not give up the dream of getting ھzh women
Unfortunately idealism both parties do not know other جھة view and the ideal personality traits
Aradھa each party in the other.
We are trying to solve the first problem and help parties man
That recognize the character of the ideal man, but will Aardھa you club today
Through جھة eyes women will see in the next lines ideal man figure in
Women's eyes

1 - of Aھm qualities that women Tridھa in a perfect man ھy figure tenderness woman
ÚÇÔŢĺ ​​private Hanan Hanan man Alیھa to find that compassion ھo great character
Personal crowned men and women can not imagine the ideal man without character can see the tenderness
ھo Mr. ruling personal ھzh.
2 - the perfect man, who want women ھo men who have a sober mind and good thinking
Women see a man's personality is always ideal that ھma wise wise man who has wisdom
Mind that Tھیih solve the problems of life and so that women can rely on personal
ھma man Oھy Mtmona Faragahh mind and good thinking of Aھm qualities which Traھa
Women in the character of the ideal man.
3 - confidence is of Aھm qualities that women Tsmھa in personal ideal man
That dream is Bھa you can not women separation between self-confidence and the character of the ideal man
But Anھa see that the man can not reach the stage of personal idealism without reign
Self-confidence in women see that self-confidence the bridge ھy who can man
To cross to get to the title of the perfect man.
4 - Women can not dispense with romance in Hیatھa Therefore when a woman imagine
Personal man perfect romantic find that ھy best recipe could culminate ھma
Man woman sees a man's personality ideal if they are free of romantic recipe Vھy
Deserve to get the title of personal idealism.
5 - see women personal ideal man Anھa personal balanced and able to achieve ھma
Balance in life example ideal man ھma be successful in his work and at the same time is
Shortened with his family and his family are personal perfect man personal intelligent and wise, but not
Devoid of a sense of adventure to see women that Wasfy balance of Aھm qualities that should be
Be present in the character of both men let alone character of the ideal man, who must
Balance ھo Haarھa in life.
Differed women often look for a personal ideal man over time and became personal
Perfect man, which was enchanting old women do not have ھma ***** in our time Alraھn therefore
You have to ask yourself dear man if you own personal perfect man that dreamed Bھa
Women or not? You should also stand with yourself and see if women were dreaming character is
Achieve Cefatھa impossible, or is it a woman's right to get a man's personality
Ideal which dream Bھa.

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