"Allergy or talking too much" of evidence wives love relationship and dialogue with her ​​husband

As usual, "Elly him back Nzidh" phrase repeated by husband a lot and that's when you want his wife in the discussion put forward before, was discussed between the parties and already reached a decision which, indicates Dr. Nabil Kamel expert human development, that this position is repeated often in the life of every couple, where man complains that, despite the long hours discussing some things with his wife has been reached in which the final decisions it surprised after that his wife address the topic again again and reopen the debate which, although he did not find a new can alter the view that put on those decisions made ​​before.
The man sees that this method is running for attention to things new and changes on subsequent in daily life, and they thus remain "Shop Secret", which raises the boredom to married life, while citing the wife on the effectiveness of style this what happened years ago when restored raising the issue of what, Evgera their opinion and Ahtdia to the more reasonable opinion.
The reopening of topics settled and non-compliance, including agreed upon method is feminine bags, so bring him psychologists to double the capacity of decisiveness when women and a desire to revisit the matter on the grounds that it "may find in things other things", and can add to this the reason lies in the subconscious mind of the wife of the desire to establish a permanent dialogue especially with the pair

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