Way to treat sensitive skin

These way to treat sensitive skin,,,,, and rest tired skin from the sun and other factors

First: Wash your face,,,, and then my Scrap and gently rub your face and then wash your face with cold water (of course prefer cold water)

Second: Mix a tablespoon of starch (which is placed sweets) with two tablespoons of senior water very cold,,,,, and when integration put it on the face for quarter of an hour (and you will find like gypsum on the face and cool and refreshing),,,, and after fifteen minutes wash water cool (only water without soap)

Third: Put rose water in a clean piece of cloth (and rosewater cold) and licked its face,,,,, and leave it to dry and then put moisturizer (and necessary freshener brand like Clinic)

The tip Take two pieces of cotton and Rdobém rose water cold and Daém eyes (because it is good for the eye)

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