Adam and love at first sight .. I really do not accept some

Peace be upon you and God's mercy
Greetings to all members of this immortal monument .. And all the faithful issues forum Adam ..
Order me to provide all that is new thematic, and at the behest of some in the not to delay the placing ..
Grace of God decided to release a new topic for the day ..

After ..
"Love at first sight .. between the hammer truth and Sndad illusion"
Formed this point replace the separation and divergence of views, between supporters of the idea and shows draw many points ..
There are no laws governing the mind and the heart, and only increased significantly human happiness .. Love without the will and hate will ..
Because the charge is loving heart and hates is the mind after a logical analysis of the causes of hatred ..
But when we talk about love at first sight, you really there for this kind of love? Or Some interpreted the term "impressive"
Although we know that the feeling of love is the most specific sense in humans and feels he knows directly love it!
Hanima marks Adam draws of view it is a natural thing that has generated love and if it was in the beginning ..
And proof of my words, because we are fully convinced that if true love affair legitimacy in this case will be happiness and love its surroundings ..
And can not make mistakes with regard to this matter and if we discovered after a while negative points in the human being that I love our heart at first sight ..
Not circulate fresh, but my idea that I liked communicated that sometimes delude themselves things contrary to what is really reflected and why wrong thinking dominates the minds
For me and fell in love more than once and all I began at first sight ...

Only that .. Article to be light upon you and hug your opinions bright accustomed ..

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