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Metal salts Mineral salts
Metal significant in human life time note that the human body is composed of various elements of the metals and semi-metals. So it is a continuing need to those elements necessary and there is no way to remedy the needs only of air, water, food and can make it himself.
What are the benefits of metal salts?
  1. Remember the density of blood, secretions and fluids
  2. Organization of chemical reactions in the body
  3. Maintain the contents of the digestive tract of fermentation and putrefaction
  4. Help in building body tissue from the bones, teeth, cartilage and muscles
  5. Giving fluids property spread in the body and to maintain pressure
  6. Giving blood clotting property when necessary
  7. Formation of melanocytes in the blood (hemoglobin).
  8. Providing flexibility to tissues
And other characteristics that can not be limited in order to maintain the integrity of body, Valcalseyoum and phosphorus, and magnesium, for example, elements necessary for the formation of bones and teeth, except for various benefits in the body. It also depends on the installation of living cells of different muscles and tissues and red blood cells, and others to the presence of iron and sulfur, phosphorus, etc.. It is essential for the internal composition of body fluids from the presence of mineral salts are soluble sodium and potassium salts.
The muscle and different organs not functioning fully, except in the case of amounts of certain of these elements, has been shown by research physiological that depriving the body of disadvantaged fully for a whole month, makes death inevitable, even if the body gets nutrition from all the elements other. If the campus of the body from eating a salt in whole or in part, the body may bestow self that he can Kahramana of organic material calcium, for example working to extract this component of bones and teeth or humans to catch some symptoms function on this shortfall.
What is the most important of these salts?
The most important of these salts are
  1. Sodium
  2. Potassium
  3. Iron
  4. Calcium
  5. Phosphorus
  6. Magnesium
  7. Iodine
  8. Fluorine 
  9.  Potassium Potassium
    Potassium is essential element for the nerves and the heart muscle and arteries and also has a big affair in modifying harmful acids in the body but excessive it may lead to harassment and harms human indispensable. The excessive intake of elemental potassium and sodium may lead to a lack of minerals other than lacking in the body.
    In brief words, the element potassium important element sodium Just as salt is present in various natural fluids in the body as well as the element potassium found in muscle cells, blood cells and other.

    Where is the element potassium?
    Element potassium found in various foods such as meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and grains. Amount of sodium and potassium salts are present in some food (mg in every hundred grams):
    The table shows that the vegetables poor in sodium and rich in potassium and more what it contains potassium is leek (Barasia) as up fit it to 300 mg, then carrots and spinach. Soak vegetables in water greatly reduces the nutritional value of the loss salts and dissolution in the wash water, and cooking process may lose part of the element potassium, which dissolved in the cooking water.

    Therefore we must reduce as much as possible the amount of water intended for cooking while not neglecting the broth that contains many dissolved salts in it and this element potassium salts. For example, carrots, onions, turnips, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach loses 70% and broccoli, peas, green beans lose 60%, corn, cabbage, red cabbage, beets, Bannadorh lose 50% Valaatdal required in all matters.

    Note: The presence of sodium and potassium in the flesh varies according to the sex of the animal note that animal innards contain a SUV.
  10.  Iron Iron
    Iron component of the important elements in building the human body it enters in the composition material melanocytes red hematopoietic (hemoglobin hemoglobin) that movement generator acidity (oxygen) from the lungs to the tissues of the body. Material whereby oxygen burning food necessary to generate heat for the body. The iron enters in the composition of all cells of the body and plays an important role in the growth and secretions and deficiency in the body causing anemia.
    What are the sources of food?
    There are iron salts in more types of vegetables Kalpsal and Albandurh, pulses and particularly there in green leafy vegetables like spinach, parsley, celery, lettuce and the like, and there is also the fruit such as bananas, apricots, grapes, figs, dates and seeds, almonds, coconut meat, egg yolks and others.
    It is worth mentioning that the body can benefit from iron found in onions, bananas rate of 90%, while not benefiting from the element iron in other foodstuffs by more than 60%, and noted that orange increases the effectiveness of absorption of iron it is worth overwhelmed anemia that eat oranges with food containing the substance to increase the utilization of iron note that drink tea orange reflectors effect (which reduces the absorption of iron).

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