Men in anger four varieties

Men in anger four varieties ... Any class you

When any class anger you?

Know yourself now people in anger four varieties, which is the nature of things, here's the list so you know what class you extracted yourself now from the following items. . .
Irascible fast satisfaction ..
Slow to anger, slow satisfaction ..
Irascible slow satisfaction ..
Slow to anger, quick satisfaction


1) irascible fast satisfaction
This category of people does not improve the administration itself, and itself, and one word affect it and interact with it very
Then other words restless and is pleased with, and this product was hurt in the deal and did not know the other party how
Deal with it constantly, but temperament swerved it according to his mood angry ... And which pleases??! Is this you????
2) slow to anger, slow satisfaction:
This class of people Aagill, but that anger .... anger, perhaps the other party is boycotting weeks or months and perhaps a whole year? But the only good this product that is slow to anger .... Is this you??
3) irritable slow satisfaction:
This evil people it angers any Shi even trivial, but it to ايرضى quickly and does not accept any apology or any regrets at fault, but that even if before pardon or forgive, the decision is taken, regardless of the other party ... Is this you???
4) slow to anger, quick satisfaction:
This is the best of people ((dream and the wisdom of their attributes)) do not get angry, but for something logical and, of course, does not prevent the angry because anger of the attributes of man but if angered Sriawa satisfaction when you apologize to them .... Is this you???

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