Ikvrn Intimates! .. Tip every six Mtjozh

Endowed think sisters, wives can Istfedo who said .. Recent Prophet upon him blessings and peace.
Said peace be upon him:
"Irit fire, if more people are women Ikvrn said: Oikvrn God? Said: intimate partner Ikvrn, and Ikvrn charity, if well done to one of them forever and then you saw something she said: I never saw you anything good." Agreed.
Because modern de O group remained what is happening between me and the nutty problem and dialogue Eachdna on Gillo nervous ÇŃćÍ phosphene on northern and smiled provocatively and tell LaPlace not Hdjelk opportunity de O Iblis dog .. and then along Atermy in the bosom Josee and nobody tells me that Josee different or Mesh Haqubl or such and such .. O City if Maqublh time who later Hibaki Hale chasm which limit Tayel?! Beautiful patience let us be patient a little and we Nnasr devil we God Ahdekoa .. Fast Btaatasba? Avckry always Satan Aizak in fire and acetic intention always in every action and every position Btaatardalh ... you miss the devil incredible opportunity he promised God .. And Kvaiana apply wonderful examples who not Hnakhadd and saw her cruelty and shit-Z faces pile Frstlk and you are you Mile any Aadlk .. Hahaha frankly ideals de what Dgna may Bakana expensive because of the people it Oi .. O people I hope to God that my be positive and be the cause of reform if everyone is even better for all of us, O Lord .. Thank you and sorry I lengthened Aliko.

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