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Back Hindawi
    Back Hindawi

    .. Nine months after lean, and a difficult birth of the light of dawn. Hindawi decided to get out of his long silence; thinking that his role had ended, and that the revolution had made their way, but found it again bounced back. And returned to the zero point. Hindawi sat on the terrace wall-based, clutching a cup of tea in his hand. Then he said, after a large sip sip causing a loud voice:- Mavi Usefulness ..!! People de the Mesh Aaozh never understand ..?! Means go and Nqlolhm Mallat in the field .. Ashan say Hindawi Atjnn Tignes!! Namlhm any after that ..?! Spenahm govern and control their .. We Forgive Mahm and Edna برضو .. They said we first election we said Malo .. Mizaach end .. They said the Constitution .. We Aasiadna Constitution .. They remnants .. Qlnalhm Bring who Tajabuh .. God Maptafrq brighter names .. Folk after all da ... Imutw Edna who Nfdo of Death الأولاني?! Said is incomplete!! This does not mean the two Bistqoo ČÓ on Aldafh ..?! Ah Mho out Alkatra overcome courage .. God Medicine Mesh Syndicate we برضو ..?!Then he looked those who crowded around him from ordinary peasants, he had found them Vgerwa Vaham, and Gehzt eyes, looking at him in imbecility. Fasttrd saying:- I myself know but .. Two Aaosen us eh ..?! Means two Aaosen country spoil!! Not approach Aeisena .. and Nsplhm country .. Rest of the country means a country Father .. And West Atrdona ... Medicine Amal er she must elections .. And conferences in televisions ..?! And talk Ketar .. Who stayed to Mafeesh Aktar him .. Costume inspired the heart .. What every need returned first Tani costume .. and sooty!!Draws around him in an exclamation point, citing the CVA palm, then said, wondering:- End in you Aulad .. Fahim Haga in the elections ...?!Vhezwa all heads the exile, laughed, saying:- Mana Bean Keda برضو!! I mean people who righteousness Ansot does not ..?! If nobody who faces Arif elections Httaml of origin!! And if Httaml Httaml Amty ..?! If we knew Amty .. Hensot What do you ..?! And Maine who Hahmiaa ..?! If was protector Haramiha ..!! Judge Medicine Haawwadoh million pounds if he died .. People's hopes Maine who Haawwadh ..?! And Hajibwa money de all Mnyn ..?! Ah what is sure of a cease people برضو ..!! AT Medicine remained was she must .. If do not know Hunttakb Maine originally ..?! And two important dimensions .. Who were do Pinzloa every time نازلين Tani!! Amal Bicoloa Les need Htngar after Revolution ..?! I Net and Ladd Farhat Pasha .. نازلين Qguaam .. Noaam .. And independent groups .. Da even his daughters and Ojoazathm نازلين violin!! Aho if da Maxbash other win!! And Edna Aaina Glabh .. Mmahmh even Adfo Wish up ..!! Medicine was er she must Hausa de ..?! God bless the old days .. His voice was the one Petaht .. He Fame in the House .. Twenty مستريح four carats .. Nor carry are Oyoha in need!!
    Followed, God willing,


    Moderated (Hindawi) at its suddenly, and raise Aqirth saying:- We should go and elections and Ladd .. And degenerated voice to me we choose .. And a Nchov he deserves .. Mesh who degrades it in Edna 50 pounds Makramhh .. Nor Ajpelln trunk oil and sugar, I do not blanket in winter .. or a fan in the summer .. not me Baserg strength and profiteers Aana .. Not back to stakeholders who Aaosen Eachdona peace .. Ahan and take a look at our shoulders .. and dimensions Mnchovhmh but back in the elections who later .. Us and you the best ..!!Then he looked them in sorrow, and said ruefully whispering:- Violin .. Gmn I heard Taratih talk .. That who is not Herouh Hidfoh 500 pounds .. I mean Hidona Flosse We spirit .. and Asthmlna Albhdelh .. And possible violin lost our spirit, no violin Tamer push us .. Hua ÇÍäÇ if the brighter 500 pounds .. We Qadna in the country!! True Aulad .. Take Madsh the need for de-time freebee .. Even freedom!!Then stood up, and approached them and putting his hand over his mouth, and He Chochm:- Trtio and Dankm .. Khaddola mind .. Out of the walls and Dan .. and our Lord makes our words light them .. I just thought Khayef Julau country .. and burn funds .. or Armoha in canal costume anytime .. Gmn thugs Qom present in each piece!! Topic Mbakash might Farhat Pasha Banhawy .. And the gang has Btaath but ..!! Stayed with them violin .. All the people who were open their homes and Rah .. And Ataudo Aledmh who was Bermhalam the first month .. Back and thugs who were under his hands .. Badoro extent Tani trying Delloukt eat them .. I feel that we entrants on a black day Gtis .. Mtalaatlosh sun .. Lord Lester!!Rose supporting Alhmhat, and the opposition, hesitant, and uncertain, he pointed them to calm down. Then he added, saying:- ČÓ patience Keda Graduate Xue .. Mtbakosh workers beast costume Aharnana!! What sorrow de Mesh Htensah only elections برضو .. The ideals opinion .. Calf if Petktr signed knives ... and I net Machae God .. All Sann Skakinh .. And we want the share of the cake .. Thank God .. I uniforms what Lantau knowing .. Malysz in brioche .. even ask Basant buffalo .. God Amséa well .. And Abashbash Brick who under her head .. Hier .. Of day Mavariqtna and I sleep Mbashvh .. Any God!! Generally go back to Marjuana .. I said it before this .. And saying Dom .. If Maahtnash take in the middle of our heads mean .. Hakhaddohna meat and Armona Essam .. And I wish you Hespona bone .. .. Himsamsona violin!!


    Hindawi returned after giving his vote in the elections, happy very happy, raising his finger forefinger, so that everybody can see phosphoric ink, and taking accept all of the offset of the people of the town, congratulating, pointing Bosbaah the victory. Then he said proudly:- Thank God .. Aulad Lord Qdrna .. And voice Ahtat for the first time in my life .. Yes, I stayed two days before the door of the Committee .. And a house in the cold and under المطره .. Ashan know Ahth ..!! But not problem .. Hua we mean less than, who Mtbhdelan at editing .. Da least a duty that one performs his duty .. His voice and hands me he deserves .. And Aho Violin Beiteinu .. Ashan guard funds .. Of thugs .. And Almzoratih .. And internal Ptoa .. God forgive bug .. Ashan Mtbakash elections costume every time .. And stay like you, O Abu Zeid Magxit ..!!There was a reporter for one of the satellite channels banned, which in turn asked (Hindawi) opinion in the elections, as usual, immediately replied:- Queues was Aamh .. And people the Auldah parked meat on each .. I Khayef briefed periodically Hassan a Tani Eachdh extent .. And Albhoat judges gm and other .. Can after convictions noon .. Masaho sleep .. And Rbto Alaptall de who in Rkabém .. Fein and Fein on committees Mafatho .. And people Kthier sitting organize in queues .. And hours distribute fliers with pictures of people Mnarafh Maine countries .. We do not Winslow Onho artful .. Violin glimpsed the valley Saadawi thug Btaa Farhat Pasha Banhawy Allah Amsé well .. And with him cam Ali Hmaman Belfoa Hawwalin queues .. Right to God I'm afraid of them .. Habitually but .. But we all Achdjana Trdnahm Scales Committee .. And when the Pasha of who candidates themselves in the elections .. And with him a little Almtablatih Ptoah .. Mahien and Rah and Bahllo him .. Perco money on people who parked on Ahilha morning of our Lord .. I Qllhm Take some Wloshm .. And back Antbo who dislike .. No one هيكون between you and yourself only Lord .. And when the people and Ladd .. Bejbulena eat Mer and we were standing .. and Jabolna sacks linoleum Htanaha above our heads .. What world Matart .. And Jabolna Gttiyan night .. As we slept in the queues before the Committee .. After what Albhoat judges have gone the Committee .. And Himhoha red wax .. And Qalllona paper concluded .. Rahu said eh .. Aisalo Morocco and Marjaosh ..!!Reporter asked him cunningly:- Means Mashvch .. Any fraud in the election process de ..?!Interrupted Hindawi denying categorically:- .. Forging A. P. ..?! Hua Maine who Hasmahlohm بكده ..?! De people was كلتهم .. Tactful after what reasonable people Shaft Ladha and Haya Btamot before the eye .. Htismah reduce wasted blood waste .. Hua ČÓ fear .. They mean work uniforms old days .. And Armo funds in the canal .. and Giebo boxes Mtobeih their knowledge .. or they Algo voices of Osalo .. After fatigue, Albhdelh what I we Venaha for the states two days .. Two, Angeho what I Aaosenh برضو .. I mean it was pretty balmy with them nor need ..?! Or Wenhui elections .. and Saatha remains all tired claimed on Vchoc ..!!


    Impressed men often eloquently Hindawi and Nebahth, and risk his risked; despite Travch. Asked sarcastically:- I mean, you Mptvkrh nominate yourself for the presidency .. Hey pal, Hindawi ..?!Hindawi smiled a broad smile even pant broken front teeth, and said, laughing:- Aaaana ..!! I do not Btaa positions nor grieve .. Hua I'm crazy not Oconc crazy son crazy!! Da who Akeah it himself after that Hatalaao his soul .. Our friend Btaa uniforms Zenjh Zenjh .. Nor Ishnqoh uniforms majestic corner Abu Uday .. Nor the Hasodoa Oucheh .. Costume cousins ​​Abu Ahmed .. Nor Himmermtoh in Mahkam costume deposed Abu Ala .. Nor Hatrdoh Z Shin Abidine .. not Hadharboh shot costume .... God Hua the Lessa Mamich ..?! Aho role Jay-Jay!! Hey pal, not the pond in the youth .. Their body يستحمل Albhdelh Xue .. Enough I graduate in the House of Wisdom .. And Qadta Moroccan terrace hour .. This world and Mavera .. And after Asha infield prayers brain Headrest .. And I go in the seventh sleep curb dawn .. And makes Amer.Man smiled, and he wanted to be intimate (Hindawi) again asked:- Hey pal, Hindawi mean .. If we assume, for example .. I mean .. You remained the President of the Republic the right and Hakik .. Htaml eh ..?! And any decisions who Htakhaddha it .. Ashan save the country!!Pout (Hindawi) and pole eyebrows, and vilified his lips, then sat thinker; already like sincerity he became president of the Republic. And said in packs:- First need to do in .. Internal canceled .. And I work and Ministry Tanih I Of the first and again ..!!Exclamation from the words of reporter (Hindawi), and thought it خبالا, asking sarcastically:- Repeal of Interior once ..!! Ok Les ..?!Removed (Hindawi) turban, and head scratcher thinker, and then said:- What Ya Basha proverb Bicol opinion .. Kill the dog if he died his master .. Ashan extent Haed which Amdelh supported .. Omar del origin dog Mahecadl .. And if Alqo the mold .. Because printed treachery where هيكون Ghalib!!Asked an astonishment:- And Htmshee Country How ..?! And Htmana criminals and thugs AZAY ..!!Hindawi smiled again, and he replied in a spontaneous:- Peace .. A de Chglana ..!! What unemployed who not it to Aqaan fill Aamh .. Browser carefree on the heart .. Ndém weapon .. And Nchglhm forgive me .. And Mibako allowance Saa and thugs .. Hendém Mahé .. And Helmua rest criminals and thugs .. and Forums Henchglha .. Students graduating from rights .. And Almamoriaat .. Balasakr .. and military officers who are in the military .. Instead what I keep getting Ndém postponed .. To postpone .. Ashan do not know they spend .. Or afford to eat them!!Man looked at him in amazement, and said:- Maak right and God Hey pal, Hindawi .. De idea .. genius!! How can Mkhtrth the minds of end ..?!Hindawi smiled proudly, and said in confidence:- They are not Aaosen like problem يابيه .. Aaosenha prefer Keda Baaza .. Ashan prefer Grghanin .. And Mlhien Elly we it .. And extend Edna me settled .. And Elly Misoash .. And prefer our longevity Mzlolin .. And Mottagmh us after his people ..!!


    .. Understand the reporter's point of view (Hindawi), and asked Mstzaida:- And Htaml er Tani .. Hey pal, Hindawi ..?!The Mstrsla replied:- Tani important .. Hoaml Baitulmal .. Ashan Alognea taken it .. And given to the poorest .. I mean instead of what Alzaka distributed to know each and every one .. And the same .. No .. The government collects from people .. And distribute justice to the needy .. Working in your handbag projects .. And housing .. And hospitals .. And schools .. And methods .. And orphanages .. And a home for the elderly .. Out of the country where the people Aisha Kues .. And people Kues she Aisha!!Surprised man of ideas (Hindawi), and asked him inquiring:- Means you ÚÇćŇ works .. Ministry of social solidarity ..?!Hindawi interrupted, saying:- P. .. Takaful!! Ensure each and every one else .. Rich ensures neighbor poor .. And ensure some street .. And village to ensure their people .. To ensure and maintain the same .. And the country take into account the total .. And Mtafrakec between urban and rural .. Marine tribal .. Muslim and Christian .. We are all one .. Some uniforms .. boys nine .. And safer Haya Egypt ..Asked reporter exclaimed:- Physical medicine same idea that contain .. I mean, you ÚÇćŇ provide contain the people ..?!Replied speech:- Oh Sable Jackets Lord .. No, my Pasha .. Dharaab er Enough evil!! Da up to its name Bihbs blood .. I SAYING Zacchaeus .. Each one Bizqui for his money .. And dependents .. About his health .. And recovered .. Means who Bezra it .. Seen Zacchaeus for his crop .. And who Bibia .. Tells Zacchaeus trade .. And who engages .. Seen Zacchaeus for his money .. And who Basna it .. Tells Zacchaeus production .. Da even who Basom it .. ČíŘáÚ Zacchaeus for his fast!!The man asked him impatiently:- Ok AZAY Htnfz da whole .. Hey pal, Hindawi ..?! You Htghebr people Adfo all this .. Grabbing them!!Ali replied immediately:- No, my Pasha .. Mavi grabbing .. And Oyoha need ..!! Each one Hidf seriousness .. And of conscience .. To feel that his money de God .. And comfort in its place .. Mesh Httserg .. Nor Ttesfr righteousness .. Banks in Switzerland .. And convicted Vena Ohoh .. The Sacred Mabinfh .. Hereafter straying in Tora .. Worked er millionaires Pfloshm Sacred ..?! Hereafter slept on perch .. Or Hatdvino under the earth .. Drilled in m .. I Mahenoppem piece Qatanna .. Shroud of pockets .. And self-employed when the neighborhood that does not die .. Knower of the Unseen .. Lord Lester us .. And the IANA.Asked cunningly:- Ok .. and Christians are the violin of Zacchaeus Htdfhm ..?! Nor Hidfo tribute .. Costume Mabicolo Salafis!!Hindawi smiled, and said in Eminence:- يابيه, Mtaumh of the words group Altanien .. We are all brothers .. Egyptians .. In one compound .. House and tasted at home .. Mottagdarsh ​​differentiate Pena we are Alatnen .. And who Hisari Muslims .. Hisari Christians .. And goodness Haam everyone .. Out of the flood of what Peggy .. Mbeverakec between Algrghanin .. And We should be ready to .. And supported one aggressors!! Say Aaamin.(6)
    Reporter went too far in cynicism, and asked (Hindawi):- Ok say .. Htaml er in education .. Hey pal, Hindawi ..?!Hindawi answered immediately:- Haghei secondary public!!The man interrupted him, laughing:- General secondary Hatghei once one!! Amal people Htdkhal colleges How ..?!Hindawi answered in exponential:- What is the origin of high school de remained bogeyman uniforms .. Whole Khayef .. And treated her A account .. And back home who has an end in high school .. Costume who murdered dead .. Aychen in them at night .. and humiliating daytime .. People if to Genaha .. and Khlinaha normal year .. Costume any age .. Salvation .. Remains Chelna large load on students and their parents!!Interrupted by inquiring:- ČÓ you like this .. Htkhala all the years remaining High School .. And private lessons Htkatr ..!!However, Hindawi said:- .. O Lord .. I am not what I mean Keda sincere .. First significant Elly ÚÇćŇ enters medicine .. Necessary study of the first secondary .. Materials who help him .. In college .. If the benefit enters is neither total nor grieve .. And who ÚÇćŇ engineering a heart .. Studying materials who processers that it remains Bash engineer .. Come dragging the means of the first .. Know the possibilities .. And talents of each and every one .. Back Ashan enter college who suits him .. And every father knows the level of his son!!Reporter nodded, saying:- And God Hey pal, Hindawi idea .. Er violin ..?!Hindawi answered in Hamas:- Education Hoghei free ..!!Looked at him in amazement; opinion like crazy, and asked an astonishment:- Remained reasonably you who says it need uniforms like this .. After who done it Gamal Abdel Nasser .. All children should stay peasants .. Keep learners!!Answered in the packages:- P. .. Why all the children of peasants Abako staff .. Amal Maine who Earth Heyzera in Egypt .. And Hatalaa goodness ..?! Imposed compulsory education remains reduce primary .. Ashan Mabakash the Umayya .. And facing up illustrious .. Complements .. Mbnqch need .. Adoh granted free of charge .. And who his father Muqtedar Adfolh it .. Each one according to his ability ... And Elly Minfh in Allam .. Cultivated land of his father and grandfather .. Or learn a trade and catch made .. All the sons of Adam Lord as a function of his talent .. And wrote his living ..!!The man shook his head the understanding, and then asked:- Ok er opinion in raising teachers' salaries .. And fight private lessons ..!!Hindawi interrupted, saying:- And fight them why, but in a living .. يابيه ..?! Mtkhalém Lido lessons costume Mahma Tamer .. Even Ashan Ahassano income .. and government Matalbosh increase their salaries .. Mesh best Maigt after at least two coffee .. Da Allied unemployment unclean!!Asked reporter speech:- But private lessons de .. Straying significant cost to parents ..?! And abandoned by the teacher neglects his job .. Ashan cleared thing for taking students studied him!!Hindawi answered, and is nodding his head Fahem insiders:- And God يابيه Ghawi freaking Btaqath .. Weak and facing up .. Z factor eyewitnesses who بيروح Dr. .. Ashan treat him .. Nor Edelh injection supplements .. Ashan pull tricks .. And teacher who Miraih it conscience .. The Lord above the net .. And early blessings and Hajazah .. Violin would have to it inspector Baracbh .. And Audi Laura sun ..!!Risk him willingly and asks him:- You're an educated Hey pal, Hindawi ..?!Replied proudly:Amal يابيه .. I plopped primary .. World ..!!

    (7)Giggle man laughing, even tears in his eyes, and he said:- Machae God .. Hey pal, Hindawi .. Da great need!!Then he added liquid:- Ok and Htaml er .. health?!Telmz Hindawi lips, and said in sorrow:- Health .. Maraht ..?!However, reporter, saying:- .. I am what I mean .. Htaml er in the Ministry of Health ..?!Exhale (Hindawi) strongly, and said:- God يابيه .. You Jet Alogiah .. One do not know what works .. ?! Do not know Nlaekayaa Mnyn nor Mnyn ..?! Schistosomiasis .. Epidemic of liver .. C virus .. Renal failure .. Tumors of children .. The pressure .. And heart .. And sugar .. Bird flu .. For pigs .. Mad cow disease .. Carcinogenic pesticides .. You feel like this the end municipal Mstqsd!!Reporter interrupted him and asked:- Walker Hey pal, Hindawi .. I am with you in everything that you said .. Works eh bug .. If they remain President of the Republic ..?!Hit (Hindawi) CVA palm, and said in an exponential:- Say you Bakaaa ..!!Then went on, saying:- Look يابيه .. Lord Hua Shafi healthy .. And Alchukoh for non-God humiliating .. Thread not lack of money, but ..!! No .. Thread caused by the lack of conscience .. If each one has a conscience Mioveh brother .. No convergence who Bgieb it corrupt blood bags .. No medicines expired .. Nor enabled dialysis used and contaminated .. The injection Tratir Ptall Zaman .. Tnaty de son .. Of Mataatakm .. The land Tnzera Bmah streams .. not throw exchange factory Btaa and land in the Nile .. Nor Najib pesticides and children carcinogenic foods .. Not import meat corrupt .. And cheat every need .. Even milk and honey violin!!Reporter interrupted him impatiently:- Means Htaml any .. Hey pal, Hindawi ..?!Answered at a loss:- The work of our Lord يابيه .. Elahi who works like this it severed supported .. Or Ack in his view .. And Ikadelh in health .. And recovered .. And dependents .. And keep Hereafter Souda .. Unable Yakeram!!Then he added, saying:- And then, an estimated only on the ability of our Lord .. Back hospital Noill who remained a worker uniforms .. Corral cattle .. And equip like operations .. Who shape it nor Salakhana .. Back and provide Dowa who price remained in Heaven .. And treat the needy freebee .. at the expense of the state .. And investment who with him Anaaljh it .. Mesh Nsafar Wazzra .. Aqraibam Atajaw righteousness .. And Nassib people die faces!!Reporter nodded approval, and then asked:- Ok, doctors .. Mesh Htsud salaries two violin ..?!Answered a definitive answer:- No!!Then went on, saying:- Dr. .. Mesh Salary هيكون him from Osaso!! ČÓ هيكون him a percentage of each need Haamlha .. Whether revealed or process .. Ashan encourage them they Mesoguc of government hospitals .. And Arouho to their clinic .. And private hospitals .. And at the end of each month guarantors of their salary in their pockets!!(8)
    Then reporter asked him, saying:- Ok .. Tourism Hey pal, Hindawi .. Htaml eh ..?!Hindawi smiled a broad smile, and said:- Doomed Tourism .. Come violin يابيه ..?! Back Matsep who Aaosen Achristo .. Achristo in the kingdom of God .. Da King God alone .. And Lord Bejaza each one has done!!The man interrupted him, saying:- You do not understand what I mean Hey pal, Hindawi!! I mean, you OK sixes sea ينزلو .. And Alpso bikini ..?!Lift (Hindawi) eyebrows astonishment, and asked him in an exclamation point:- Hua er bikini de ..?! Mesh da برضو type duck!!Laughed the man until he almost falls to the ground, and then said, and is constantly in laughter:- No sir, not the type of duck .. ČÓ Matcol costume like this .. Stat Qaala Mallat!!Tavv (Hindawi), and said in disgust:- Aster IANA Lord!! Medicine and why like يابيه ..?! Da Jackets first .. Hua where footmen pleases are Btaath .. Nor his mother .. Nor his sister .. The daughter dressed like this ..?! I mean take off like that!! Aaib Schumann Iargalh!!Reporter replied in embarrassment:- And God Version de .. Not defect when foreigners .. And de personal freedom!!Hindawi interrupted angrily:- Personal freedom to keep in Uhde sleep .. or in the bathroom Ptall .. Not before men like this visual statement .. Broad daylight .. Keda is alive no conscience!!The man interrupted him, saying:- Standard Version de them .. Da even Abiemilo nudist beaches there!!Spat (Hindawi) on the ground, saying in anger:- Geld them and who brought up .. it De sedition يابيه .. And an abomination of Satan .. I seek refuge in God .. People to countries Aandhm creed or religion .. Hua Lord commanded بكده ..?! Fein states Stna the chaste noble .. Mary?!


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