7 Healthy diet Healthy Dieting

How to choose and food processing

Vegetables and fruits
  • Always avoid frying vegetables. Can dispense knead by boiling or stewed or steamed in order to maintain the nutritional value and the removal of fat
  • Asif lemon or garlic, vinegar or mustard or ketchup to vegetables instead of butter and cream and mayonnaise sauce may be delicious and best
  • Try a mix mustard balsamic vinegar or dressing dressing mix of power instead of oil and cream mixture.
  • Stay away as possible from fried potatoes and cook potatoes sliced ​​and marinated in spices in a pan non-stick.
  • Avoid avocado, coconut and olive because they contain high amounts of fat
  • More than spices to give a special flavor substitute for fat
  • Longer-Balah completely fat-free, but many sugar. As equivalent to two grains or three from a single piece of fruit

Dairy products
  • Buy yoghurt, milk, skim milk or low-fat
  • Replace cooking cream center (35% fat) skim milk. You can intensify the sauce by adding the workshop PO flour to milk
  • Vary the amount of fat in cheese. While concentrated in القشقوان and yellow cheese of all kinds, at least in white soft cheese such as cottage Akawi and diluted and other
  • You can replace the cream prepared Palmelbeh p low-fat milk or its derivatives

Meat, fish and chicken
  • Avoid mutton (sheep) and replace it with cattle and calf because they are lower in fat and if you can Astbdelhma fish and chicken
  • Choose lean meat such as fillets and fillet fragile
  • Grabbed the chicken skin and more than breast meat
  • Aktar of grilled fish or acid and spices cooked fried and beware of it
  • Avoid tuna in oil and replace it with tuna water
  • Desirable to stay away from meat organs such as the spleen, liver and Alnkhaat
  • Contains Mortadella and hot dogs, high amounts of fat. Replace it with an open mind turkey (turkey)

Cereals, rice, pasta and beans
  • With pasta Stay away from creamy sauces and cheese. Preferably tomato sauces and vegetables
  • Attended rice dishes, cereals, pasta manner boiling in water, without adding oil or butter on the amount or cooker cooking
  • Be sure to choose whole grains and their derivatives

  • Stay away as much as possible from chocolate and cakes and Aldonats (fried buns)
  • The Arabic sweets many fat and sugar
  • Prepare boiled without adding almonds or walnuts or coconut, and attended the low-fat milk pudding or derivatives
  • Choose gel (clear) jello sugar-free and fat
  • Attended without frying Alktaev and Ahacoha way light
  • Alsorepett sorbet is an alternative for ice cream ice cream. The light-fat ice cream available in the markets of many types

  • Use pots and pans (POTS) non-stick to avoid adding oil or margarine
  • Replace oil, margarine, butter, cooking oil spray cooking oil spray
  • Get rid of the fat that can be seen in the meat and poultry
  • Use egg whites instead of whole egg with the yolk in Tbouktk
  • Follow the method of boiling and barbecue and light cooking and frying with rapid stirring
  • Place the lid of aluminum foil aluminum chip on meat, chicken or fish during cooking in the oven for retain بعصيرها and flavor
  • You can intensify the sauce or soup (soup) by adding a little flour or potato puree instead of cream
  • Lower the amount of oil in half, even if recipe full amount required. You do not notice the difference, but your waist susceptible
  • Add spices and condiments to Tbouktk and tempered oil, margarine, fat

  • Do not go shopping empty stomach
  • Write a list of objectives and stick to it at City Hall
  • More than buy fruits and vegetables, rice, and various types of pasta
  • Stay away from sections that offer food and delicacies Moryatea
  • Look for lean options or light cream
  • Read the information and content labels on foods and try to choose foods that do not exceed 30% fat


  • Must be feeling hungry between meals. It is hard to resist fatty fast food. Prepare the following list Kojbat light:
    • الفوشار (Pop Corn) record in a way that light in the microwave
    • Chopped fruits and Almgamsh low-fat milk
    • Chopped vegetables and Almgamsh mixture of mint, yogurt
    • Rice cake
    • Iced milk with different flavors low-fat
    Stay away as possible from the nuts and potato chips (chips) chips and chocolate. They are delicious but rich Baldehnaat

Lunch or dinner invitations outside the home
  • Do not go out to dinner on an empty stomach. And be sure to have a snack before going out
  • More than garnish vegetables instead of bread and butter, potato chips, nuts
  • Ask for sauces and separate Almthblat. So you can add the amount that you want to plate using a fork
  • Start eating power
  • Avoid fried foods and restrict Balemczua
  • Replace fried potatoes cooked potatoes or pasta boiling water
  • The health really you. Do not commit yourself to the meal before or larger if the less expensive and more in calories and fat
  •  Deceived fat when they said ... Overweight people deceived when told
    Dr Mohiuddin Omar structure - nutrition consultant at King Fahd Hospital - Medina
  • Eating fruits, grapefruit juice help to burn food in the body.
  • The apple cider vinegar is useful in burning body fat.
  • The drying bread or roasted in the oven lowers its calorie content.
  • Priority use of corn oil in the preparation of dishes because it provides fewer calories than other oils.
  • Corn oil and olive oil only خاليان of cholesterol compound and not all vegetable oils.
  • Not eat starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta in the food to lose weight.
  • That a lot of drinking water causes the incidence of obesity.
  • Free use of fruit sugar (fructose) in the desalination of hot and cold beverages.
  • There are skin creams benefit used to dissolve fat from the body.
  • The use of belt weight loss and dress Altariv benefit in weight loss.
  • The use of saunas and massage fuel burn fat in the body.

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