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Japanese women have gracefully clear inconsistency in textures, whether before or after marriage, where the weight ranges mostly between 50 and 60 kilograms. The women full of rare cases and is familiar there, in addition to her skin net likening world Balborslin and her hair shiny and healthy.
It seems that behind all these specifications a balanced diet since childhood, confirmation by a dietician and obesity, Dr. Mahmoud Afifi.
He explains that «the balance in food is the first way to get rid of obesity and forever, the individual Japanese has a fixed base is to eat whatever is handy, as well as his skill in the composition of groups of healthy food; since it is rare to eat two types of protein or carbohydrates in the diet per, plus it does not pass it the whole day without getting a share of the antioxidants, either through food or drink, however this is subject to the same month for a week of balanced diet to purify the body of toxins and freeing it from any baggage. And this does not leave any room for fat.
He continues: «system supports healthy food to eat 1500 calories distributed throughout the day; gets them all what they need from the energy enough for him to work a full day without fatigue, based on whole grains, vegetables, and fish, which provide protein health free from any fats harmful, noted that many studies have shown that Japanese long ages thanks to eating fish to a great extent it gives the brain activity and vitality, and followed by eating whole grain crust.

Explains Afifi that can follow a system of diet integrated and balanced rids the body of excess fat quickly, without the need to address vitamin only sources of nature, pointing out that following this system once a month, losing the individual between two kilograms to 3 kilograms; the equivalent of 20 to 22 kilos over the full year. The system gives a lot of energy and prevent the emergence of the abdomen (belly) and it is ideal to combat puffiness.

The easy way is this:

- Drink as much water as possible throughout the day, including at least «8 cups of it; two on an empty stomach, to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the proportion of deposits of salts and toxins in the kidneys.

- Eating Thmrtin of bananas on the most throughout the day between meals to keep the blood sugar level, and not to eat sweets in times of diet.

- Allowed to drink tea or coffee, but it is best to stay away with them and eat star anise and mint and green tea without sugar or with the use of alternatives.

- Striving to walking 30 minutes a day, to dissolve the blood fats, and work on the consistency of textures.

- A lot of eating fresh vegetables between meals, such as lettuce, cucumber, watercress and other feeling of satiety and avoid constipation.

- Features Asian cuisine that does not use salt white except in rare, and allows the use of spices and condiments, lemon, vinegar, onion and garlic in food preparation.

- Permanently prohibits the use of sauces such as mayonnaise in the food.

The dietician and obesity model of meals that can be followed, as follows:

Daily breakfast:
- A banana, medium (can replace any other type of fruit except mangoes and grapes).
- Cup skim milk.
- Tea or coffee without sugar (allows the use of alternatives).
- Brunch can eat fruit medium or fresh vegetables.

- A green salad.
- Half a pack skimmed yogurt marinated with spices.
- ½ cup white rice stew steamed without adding any fat or (brown toast).
- Cup cooked vegetables steamed (except potatoes and peas).
- Between lunch and dinner can be taken medium fruit or a glass of fresh juice without sugar

- A large segment of grilled fish (or a can of tuna).
- Salad vegetables.
- Tablespoon yogurt.
- Must dine ninth hour maximum, and after sufficient warm with a cup of green tea.
Source: Beautiful Girls - from diet

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