Why hates men, women driving cars and fleeing in front of them?

Traditionally in the Egyptian street to accuse women always when driving the car causing the occurrence of many accidents due Btoha in traffic or disrupt the way, are always a cause for ridicule men, despite the fact that most of the studies and statistics confirm that women are better than men in driving the keenness to follow the safety rules and safety when driving.
'Masrawy' tried to know the reasons for hating the man for women driving cars and women's point of view to this prevailing view that abused them.
The beginning was with Ashraf Mahmoud 'driver' said: I'm trying to get away in my way for any car led woman because Tserfathen Ajbah In a times you before me a car led a young girl and we were in the early morning and the road is busy and has operated signal right Vsert Bsraty regular in left moved them In a moment I was surprised بإنحرافها to the left and not stop quickly was shocked, and other positions that meet her in a day so I try to stay away from them in the way always. '
As Ahmed Fathi 'teacher' opines that cars Alottomatik now made ​​everyone leads easily and like some of them leading man very slowly and a sense of fear and dread and do not have a well-behaved in the sudden and difficult positions and some of them lead very well.
He added: It is possible that the maligned women sometimes slow reaction For example, traffic on the axis occurs when many incidents when the car suddenly stopped and most of the cars which cause led by a girl or woman.
Said Ahmed Mamdouh 'student': sister driving like a lead 'cabriolet' leadership undoubtedly very bad and I think that this method of all car drivers and frankly, I find that their leadership is like a disaster and our Lord is enough evil Soaqthen.
He added: every time I ride with the car I feel scared On one occasion he wanted a people crossing the road as does any person moment Alosr that passed before us and instead of that sister car stopped or slow supplied gasoline and almost terminated his life.
The Menna Abdel Fattah 'student' said: leadership in Egypt generally bad because of the narrow streets and are not eligible for leadership as that men in general and drivers microbuses private whenever a girl driving screaming highest voice 'origin and one Elly Saigh' and many of the quality of these sentences provocative but on Conversely girl keen leadership characterized by extreme calm.
And agree with Salwa Fawzi 'housewife', which says you have to learn to drive until I feel comfortable from بهدلة transportation when urine comes out of school as they help me spend the needs of the house, it is possible to go once a week to a large markets and bought the needs of the whole week without waiting for my husband .
She added: Leading men in general kind of recklessness and speed is calculated, we are suffering a crisis in traffic in general and not women are the cause of road congestion.
As India Numan 'engineer' said: was driving very carefully in order to preserve my safety on the road, but find everyone wants to fly his car despite the congested roads most of the time not to mention the adverse chasing girls when you see anyone.
He added: You may not recognize the minibus drivers who could Attallowa us with curses and because we girls will not be able to respond to them.
As for the views of specialists was with Dr. Sana Badawy Professor of Sociology at the University of Cairo, which said: socialization of the mother is the foundation we have many erroneous cultural traditions that convey the values ​​of men and marginalize the role of women and society still have seen a minor.
She added: women achieved success in various fields and in the most difficult professions became a doctor and an engineer and a judge and other professions to demonstrate that the efficiency and hard work is the basis why criticism simply cash in itself, pointing out that the differences in driving the car because of the variables physiological.
She explained that women driving cars better than men and more focused him, they are keen to carefully first and adhere to traffic rules and that there are no errors committed by society or race without another but commitment to a general rule .. The errors committed by drivers could commit drivers also there are a lot of girls do not Ebaglin instructions leadership and some driving luxury cars and powerful than their abilities physical, and if a man subject without bias will change his point of view and deal with the leadership of women treated quiet and not for being a woman.
She noted that most existing studies on the basis of field reports that women are less committing errors when driving a car and enjoys qualities careful and deliberate and calm while driving and not to rush into decision-making and lack of overtaking and this by virtue of the nature that God created them.
Noteworthy that in a recent German study published in the German city of Stuttgart that women characterized by great force on the steering wheel.
And revealed the study conducted by the European Car Club recently on the occasion of International Women's Day that the percentage of accidents caused by women and ending injuries less than men.
The study showed that in 2010 saw in Germany over 320 thousand traffic accident led to the presence of infected and one or more, and the man is the owner of a ratio of about two-thirds of these incidents.

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