Pharaoh trial (renewed series) by Altasahill

Dear brothers does not marvel title cerebral We have Tguet in this crazy idea and decided to write directly on the air by easements LordSince I do not have concerns not as page Forum will receive me cynical Voattabrt my home and you are my partners and the idea is simple and you do not know the end!!What if Pharaoh ruler again ..?!Let's start with the blessing of God and I am happy to hear your opinions and listen to your guidance where I can learn from you every time new and useful than I of the amendment and renewal in the story until it reaches its final form يرضيكم and Aredana ..
Pharaoh trialReadPer era Fraaanh and Tgath and Mstbdi, there are also messengers and prophets. Fathia to the martyrs of freedom Savior this age!!(1).. Bald man entered the room the Mehrola, then knelt on the ground in complete awe, saying:- Moulay .. We have the broad masses of the people came to listen to your speech favorite .. Glorious gala sit on the throne .. And had prepared to Your Majesty procession .. Consists of nine hundred ninety and nine of slaves .. and fully thousand servers obedient servant of the depositary .. Haman.Then prostrated on the ground, smiled (Pharaoh) snobbery, saying:- Well done Aahaman talk .. And you may be accustomed perfection .. So a large sample priests ..Farah man, and cheered speakers and Lahj praise of his master, and then taking, he should accept his feet and use his legs pet كقط. Vtavv Pharaoh and Nehrh saying colloquially:- Leave the needs de Aahaman .. You know I otherwise!!Alarming (Haman), and crawled on the ground and walking away. And remained kneeling until his (Pharaoh) advancement, saying:- Engagement Alsnada eh ..?! I been lost from Cutter speeches .. Bekkali Talatan years .. speeches people do not need Angert .. And not people understand the need ..?!Exclaimed (Haman) enthusiastically:- Not يامولاي .. Alsnada different from any age!! One in his name .. Moses .. Bashr sweet people by his words .. and Benada freedom .. Haga Keda name of democracy .. And Bicol The Lord is who created the universe .. And it is estimated works miracles!!Face Ahtguen (Pharaoh), and red from anger. Then shouted loud voice:- Eh!! How can da gets .. Mavi heard before this limit ..?! You Saybna like that .. Sitting Fame and Danny .. Z-Atrash the party!!Dental أصطكت (Haman), and taking trembling from fear and then said:- Never, Your Majesty .. Da footmen Keda charlatan .. and Bidaa magic .. Mavi extent certified .. and I collected his magic from all around the globe .. Hakhalo scruff of his neck Lenore nor Alabgeorh ..!!Fumed (Pharaoh) angry, and said:- If!! Radwa was necessary know me before this!! I needed to know his bear ant in my kingdom .. De mistake needed to fly necks!!Then exclaimed calling, and sparks flying from his eyes:- O Sayyaf ..Plonk (Haman) under his feet, begging:- Forgive me يامولاي .. I Mredch Excellency gig in sumptuous .. Because you you busy Baltltmit going Aljaddad .. Who Jbhm it you Emperor Amorabi .. And Mahbch worry convenience .. Or Oekr mood!!Remember (Pharaoh) McCann of s red, and it is issued by Furman not to enter any of it was Iwan; where he remained for three months did not see light therein!!But he also said:- Well .. Aywh! I thought .. Salvation forgiven you ..Taking (Haman) accepts his feet, and teary-eyed. Then extended his hands folded Berdah, and is Elastic head, saying:- Go ahead sermon يامولاي .. Ashan Nradjaha Sawa ..Exhale (Pharaoh) shortness saying:- Off .. You along like this obsessively Aahaman .. Salvation Hbaka read it there .. I Mjbch glasses Alaqraah Maaya .. And do not see veterans of the night yesterday!!Smiled (Haman) cunningly saying:- Amon .. In Aoun Saadk O Maulana .. I'm all night .. Your Majesty and BadeilkThen whispered in secret, saying:- The Lord Eachdk .. and rest of QrvkBut he added:Go ahead, Your Majesty .. procession to wait .. and the broad masses of the people .. longing to meet you ..(2).. Sat (Pharaoh) on a stretcher, carried by ten soldiers mighty, and with him two of the slain al-Hassan loathing, two helicopters of ostrich feathers. Then the procession marched forward until he arrived at the temple next to the pyramids, fell Pharaoh at the podium, and may Amtlit desert millions of commoners.Speeches (Haman) first; toady (Pharaoh) said:- You (Ra) of the sun .. Body body .. There is never king Ichebhec .. You yourself like I'm Auxerre Horus, son of Isis .. Did not do any king so long ago (Ra), but you .. What did greater than did anyone before you .. Any example of virtue there is in our power to come to Him in front of you .. Who comes to advise you when you think of their own free Abaqratk .. Not like you see the face .. And did not hear like you say .. No one ascended the throne like you .. The heart (Ra) in the sky for joy and the gods are delighted since Ttawaijk earthly king ..And continue to hypocrisy, saying:- You will be on the ground such as (Aten) .. I have renewed effects in the cemetery .. And projects that had been neglected may fully accomplished .. Generations pass and solves other .. and Your Majesty King of Upper and Lower Egypt .. For You, which works good .. and your heart was satisfied with the administration of justice .. When flying to heaven Escalate your valid until the horizon .. And great eyes see your business completed before the gods and the people.The hypocrisy range says:- Your name in every country of the first Nubia in the south and the north .. Of the first sea shores and all the places you know you god of all assets and people stayed up to do to provide crop and gifts for you by is your father (Aten)!!.. Then got up (Pharaoh) in an exhibition movement; central streets of drums, and the clatter of weapons, and cheering crowds. Then he began to break up and papyrus paper, fasted all silence is concluded. And initiated, saying:- Peace be upon those who followed me .. And poison of rebellion .. Whoever obeys me me closer .. And disobeys homelessness .. I am your Lord, the only .. And greatest قائدكم .. How Tsgon for the others .. Scabby beardless youth .. who claims magic .. That the Lord is One .. Individual Samad .. And I am not in a God .. and I do not have miracles .. Although I appreciate that Grantor natured .. or Palmmat order .. And is able to defeat the that Alavak .. Stronger than the magic charm .. and I have recruited the strongest of his people ..Ended the paper began (Pharaoh) in improvisation:- Dear rabble .. You will hear mesmerized kill him and his children .. And represent its members .. and ashamed of his wives .. Malcolm from God others .. Sahriq every rat Oolaik .. And pigs Hola traitors .. and customer lurking .. Those with foreign agendas .. are all Elekayam in the midst of Sjohna .. And Satardhm in every corner .. towards .. Dar Dar .. House House .. Zenjh Zenjh!!Took legions shouting loudly at one time:We sacrifice our blood and souls Aavron .. We sacrifice our blood and souls Aavron .. Amon .. Pharaoh .. Amon .. Pharaoh .. but ..!!(3).. Income (Moses) (Pharaoh) of the palace. Did not bend or bow to him as he did his companions of priests and ministers and commoners. He got angry (Pharaoh) outrage, and he exclaimed:- Remained de Akhrtha O Moses .. Graduated from a voluntary .. and refuse to bow Leah .. da I father uniforms .. And Rpetk like my son .. And Mahramtkh any need .. She asked me Ojablk Playstation Tu .. And computer Jptlk .. I ÚÇćŇ brought DSL Mmnatosh you .. I Aiz link verse ART island .. subscription Jptlk from when Saleh Kamel and the Emir of Qatar .. I ÚÇćŇ play ßćŃĺ .. Jptlk Africa Cup following times .. and Achtrtlk Arsenal and Manchester .. Naqsk was A. ..?! Ashan join to Eyal Facebook .. Twitter states .. and stand against me!!Under (Moses) silent in literature gm. Verdf (Pharaoh) said:- Even when hit .. one of Rjaltna and death .. You Trmokht .. and worked myself Mesh Aref Maine who killed him .. Although I Baraf his bear Ant .. And SSI Ptoa Bengulwla every need .. The isolated and Minister of Interior and Justice obligatory Ashan Aotmr about me .. you da whole descend Tahrir Square .. Hailing with protesters Bsagouti .. and says that the god Tani else!!Occur (Moses) with humility, calling on him to believe in Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the sun god and the moon, the One, the Creator of all things, the neighborhood that does not die Vschr him (Pharaoh) said:- Mnyn obligatory this conversation .. er who Athbtla it your words ..?!Then he turned to the public around him, and arrogantly asked them:- Mesh top I am your Lord .. and I have land, which it .. And appreciate greet de .. And die de ..!!Vhtfoa all in fear:- Of course .. of course .. Reese ..Tell him (Moses) that God is not nothing like unto Him, and that what is only a man like Livni and die, then to God Resurrection. But (Pharaoh) interrupted him, saying:- Who told you ..?! Kings Khaleda lives .. I new Harjalkm .. Ashan Keda worked Leah cemetery emo instance .. Phone international Internet .. and .. and Marble repelling flies .. and followed Antryhat Italian .. & Carpets Ajami .. and central air conditioning .. Jacuzzi .. Mer Sokhna and cool ..Then look at the (Moses) in snobbery, and said contemptuously:- Rena bug Xue of the miracles of Lord .. If you are honest ..?!.. Silence (Moses) for a moment; and Akonh listening to a what Ahadth. Then smiled in confidence, and longing out his hand, if a white to the onlookers. Then threw his stick, Viz is lively seeking.Amazed (Pharaoh), but my father, and said arrogant:- Da you magician bug .. !! Sweet movements Faker countries they Hajeloa graduate, I'm the whole possible you magicians everywhere .. Ashan Abarzuk .. If Faso your end you straying de .. And if you win them .. Ehgtahm under .. and Ermém dogs rail ..(4).. Returned (Pharaoh) to his chamber in the sumptuous, only to find his young son (انبطاح) cry, and asks him why he told him and had asked his nose:- I ÚÇćŇ pyramid Leah .. Pyramid Tani brother ..Asked amusingly:- Les ..?!The ببلاهة replied:- Ashan keep playing with some .. Askar Hrm ..Laughter (Pharaoh) said:- Hermine once .. Medicine AntiBody obelisks!!The face in some ways; hitting the ground with his feet in anger:- .. I want Hermine'll .. Ashan remain lost some P mazes magical .. And Nstby P burial chambers ..Answered (Pharaoh) with a smile:- Not ĘŇÚá yourself sir .. Hate Okhalém Abnolk Hermine .. I mean, we Hakhos we need .. earth found freebee .. and stones at moratorium Yeşilay who .. and forced people .. Costume carefree heart!!Farah (انبطاح), and by his father and in happiness, saying:- And you violin .. ÚÇćŇ thousand acres P Delta ..Alarming (Pharaoh), and asked him an astonishment:- And Les countries violin ..?!Smiled (انبطاح) in naivete:- Ashan their works GOLF .. Rugby .. Leah and my friends ..Said happily:- Ghali and demand for cheap .. Country de all Btaatk .. And Ptall father back .. pure spirit who you Aaozh ..They entered Queen Nefertari and was listening to them as usual; glide كالبطة, dragging behind tons of fat and meat. Then said Hanqh:- And his mother ..?!Panic (Pharaoh), and said to himself:- Peace of folk Merciful Lord!!But yellow smile, saying:- Of course .. Is I Leah mage only or Crown .. First Lady of Egypt ..Vhf angry:- .. Lady of Upper and Lower Egypt .. Queen Aleradin .. Fronh Egypt First!!Smiled (Pharaoh). Saying from between his teeth:- And last!!I asked him suddenly, saying:- You worked er with the tribe of the valley .. Who Japth it who Mattzmy it your wife Altanyh .. and raised him at home .. and was Aauzah inherited yours ..?!I do upset:- Er Zumha Biography tar de ..?! I Masedkt and i forgot Thread ..!! I hired a Minister of the Interior .. It is acting with them .. And concludes them .. on Slsalhm .. and kill every male child in the tribe .. And arrested Stadthm .. limit what Moses defeated and Liban lie .. And ساعتها kill him Boadia countries!!Delighted Osrrariha saying:- And my son انبطاح .. Hua who holds the power ..View her Hdhira, and shouted angrily:- You Aaozh Tortini Balehia .. Mesh تستني to die ..However, she:- I am what I mean, after a long life ..!!Then same whispered updated:- God willing soon and Idea .. Ashan kept or pharaoh .. And Atamla large statue Super .. back statues uniforms who you treated her for yourself P Abu Simbel .. And Mkhlina uniforms game under your feet!!Then turned to liquid:- But my Hajoa magicians .. Default Hibarzo Moses the P magic ..?!I do Confidence:- I sold answer a little magic of Russian circus .. And sold sent to Disneyland .. And David Cooper was called Field of America .. Mitt violin all conjuring tricks has P Mawlids ..!!He said enthusiastically:- Mtensash answer Sharif .. Da biggest Hawi in the righteousness of Egypt .. And plays the egg and stone .. And Bemca rope .. And Hillabh on Aelchenakl ..!!I do immediately:- Friendlier fail .. Da Hua great night .. And Laura every calamity .. Da footmen artful .. And Mjbtosh birth ..!!(5)Crowd (Pharaoh) bringing together all the people to attend the debate between (Moses) and magicians. Came out in full finery were scattered; actually roar of the masses. Then he said a friendly tone; to elicit the sympathy of the people with him:- Dear Fellow Citizens Honorable sons of Egypt .. I fear for you from Moses and his aides .. We know people you know your interest more of you .. Do not follow Moses that he would come by the devastation of the country .. and would lead to sectarian strife .. follow me .. to live in stability and security .. and affluence .. I want your favor .. and larger interest of our country Egypt ..Vhf masses:- We sacrifice our blood and souls Aavron .. We sacrifice our blood and souls AavronPointed them in the snobbery that stop cheering. Unbeaten a floater, a phone in the naivete:- Grant Reese ..!!Here consider him (Haman) Hdhira. Look Okhrsth in the case; But (Pharaoh) smiled and said mischievously:- Hurry we .. Rameses I'm the sun god .. and unified worlds .. Regardless monthly allowance .. $ Five Shtot .. for all classes of people .. Labor Day ..Trumpeted legions delight, and took Hailing the lives of the pharaoh with overwhelming enthusiasm, approached (Haman) thereof, and whispered, saying:- Moulay .. How ..?! You know that the eye insight .. and Allied short!!Smiled (Pharaoh) in subtle, and said with a laugh:- Acetic people flattens Xue .. and then kept saying Ghali provides .. Annual tax Mitt Shtot!!Understand (Hamann) at the speed of it, and bow as he falls behind... Hostel in the middle of the field magicians and Thlguet around the masses, then they entered (Moses) they started throwing their ropes and their rods; turned to snakes seek them even apprehension commoners wary. Then, the (Moses) stick Therefore, having transformed into his large eat what they make; fell down prostrate themselves on the ground, and said:- Secure in the Lord (Moses) .. Pharaoh ..Pharaoh was angry outrage and was tortured and imprisoned, and to cut off their hands and feet, and vowed to (Moses) and his people. But Haag people, to show a lie, and the extent of his weakness, and revealed, and demanded the downfall and the fall of his regime after he lost his prestige and broke the spell and chanted:- The people want to bring down the regime .. The people want to bring down the regime ..(6).. Met (Pharaoh) Chief priests, and said angrily:- And then, O Haman .. Henaml er back in the revolution who has in Egypt?! How can will Henkdr silent .. and worship Tani people .. Salvation revealed Played .. and knew that we humans Xena uniforms .. The Mavi god Tani .. Dberna Minister ..!!Knit (Haman) bald head, saying:- God measures Maulana ..!!Turned (Pharaoh) to him angrily:- A. ..?! You violin Htcol their uniforms .. when God others!!Laughter (Haman) quipped:- Aamolana da Kan Zaman .. Salvation is revealed and that .. We are required admit the truth .. If Magdanash revolution de P beginning .. Mesh Htqom us after that his people!!Trembled Fraúsh then looked him in amazement, and said in a whisper:- Reasonably King de and Alheilman .. Lost in a moment .. And Abelah Flood!! Da I ​​am Pharaoh!!Answered (Haman) with a sigh:- Mesh You are on your own, Moulay .. Glimpsed Hendaa violin with you in the legs .. You mind The Egyptians Hespona .. Da Hiktona under .. Armona crocodiles .. unless ..!!Asked eagerly:- Unless eh!! Tmna when Lessa hope ..?!Answered with suspicion:- We Mekdmnash only one way .. We suppress the rebels in any way .. The Chellah Natqlhm .. Or kill them all .. Necessary spend on Moses and his people .. Or remove them righteousness Egypt!!Taking (Pharaoh) Ivkrmili. Then he exclaimed enthusiastically:- The salvation of acetic Interior Minister .. Each thugs .. as Shabiha from prison .. and يطلقهم people .. And acetic army is preparing Ahan hits P Alumblyan .. And acetic archers catch what extent Berf voice P field .. Or Behtv Bsagouti .. Aaozhm Arhbo total .. and acetic spies burnt houses .. farms .. and steal البهايم .. I want the whole country to keep chaos .. Ashan know the values ​​.. The bow of Tani under my feet!!Hence (Haman) immediately to carry out his orders. While another (Pharaoh) on the ground in tears.(7).. Income (Haman), together with its senior guards, and some senior State; Mhrawlin Ali (Pharaoh), even receded some of them on the ground. Screaming, and يولولون like chasing after them Laith. Then someone said a quavering voice:- Moulay .. A necessary escape quickly .. Masses the palace Ptqrb people .. And if haunted Henfajohna .. Salvation of the country and signed P hands .. And we Maadsh place here!!Fumed (Pharaoh) angry, and said, shuddering:- How can de .. and you got you Vin ..?! Les Mudbhtohmh all .. Les Sptohm to increased ordered .. Vin army ..?!Answered (Haman) in grief:- Mahe de problem Moulay .. stop P army described .. And stayed with them .. and the possibility Yeju Iatgulwk this moment .. and jays Aadmuk ..!!Dropped in the hands of (Pharaoh) and said with awe:- Ok er Delloukt solution .. Escape How ..?!Someone answered immediately:- يامولاي .. I Minutes to Your Excellency the words of the sun .. boats Ashan escape omitted by sea ..!!Looked at him with apprehension, and said in fear:- Dare Aamamdouh .. Keep peace costume 98 ..?!Replied mischievously:- Yaris defect .. Da I ​​am your student ..Asked eagerly:- Ok .. And Henrouh Fein ..?!In sorrow replied:- Go and P any artful .. Important to walk away from the gallows .. If we Marafnash escape to Saudi Arabia or Libya .. Keep go and P resort back Btaana who P Sharm el-Sheikh .. Or Tkelmlna extent of kings friends working for political asylum has .. Or go and London .. Nstkhbay there Interpol!!Security on his audience, and Loud Hmanmathm. Referring to them (Pharaoh) said:- Ok salvation are played one gold .. And jewelry .. And money who P Alkhozaan quickly .. Hassan possible freeze who balances P Swiss banks and U.S.!! And Mtnsuc Pharaonic statues Btaotai .. Ajami and rugs ..!!Interrupted (Haman) quipped:- Carpets er Maulana .. is you going Taatvsh on .. Dhana Hrpanin of people .. Shell Maak Magli price .. And eased him but ..!! Composite Mesh Htisthml all this .. And distance Lessa long .. and do not know our circumstances eh ..?!Asked eagerly:- Ok .. and harem Ptoaa .. Valley and the 120!!Laughed, saying:- Your Majesty ideals opinion .. The Galak Flood landed your son under your feet .. Dafna your skin you first .. Mahmh Waladak and Harimk countries .. Elly and Duc P artful!!Deeply saddened said:- On your opinion .. What انبطاح and his mother .. The whole reason Albulaoi de .. Yala Pena!!.. Rode all the ship, basic forms with hundreds of slaves to serve. And what they arrived to the sea until they faced waves, and the sea in front of them split into two halves. Then their ferry sank in the sea. When Scharf (Pharaoh) drowning; feel remorse for what made his hands; time when it does not work remorse... Before prosecute any (Pharaoh) must be judged ourselves; prosecute those footnote that his corrupt regime that the gods, and the people under which he is the author. There like Ami says (Aavron The Official Vrank .. Mlqch said people Eardena). Should all know we to God on Hashr are involved, and that the State of injustice hour, and state of justice to do time, and that the oppression of God's great, and they plot and plotted God, and God the best of planners, and that every soul will be held hostage. Oh God, do not make the minimum amount of our concern, and not Fna in our religion, God does not Tkhozna the Day of Resurrection, Day whereon neither wealth nor sons only from God came a sound heart.Has the praise of God

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