If your foot cracked in the winter .. Almighty and Raya

Hevcoa O Bnatit
YOU of course I like Ninja Avany in winter in my skin and especially my feet ...
I stayed Search and Lador briefed Wanzl ÇÔćÝ in cold de Work state???
Because, of course, received two want to have a little attention
Badt research and refining and screening
Worked chorus rigid de result a walk on Nasaih article Btaatha
First need to:
1. Warm water bath Akhaddt warm water bath Ahan get rid of dead skin Elly in my feet .. Quality was for 10 Dqaig or quarter of an hour, for example ...
And of course not want Acolk caught stone Elly meal replace Perfumery form Bacon Elly like that for five Dqaig.
Second need tactful
2. Moisturizing the feet
After bath Dafi de .. Ahtat moisturizing cream on my feet and I wore syrup Medfy Ahan preserve the arrangement and íÇŃíĘ de Abaka said sleep O Bnatit .. If Mandkic moisturizing cream possible points pure olive oil de useful Ui uniforms moisturizer.
After I need third
3. Wear comfortable shoes
Ahan uphold tactful to hydrate the man and Mti_qakec quickly received I Wear comfortable shoes and quite far from the high heels because he originally harmless Ggar It's not comforting to my feet.
4. Comfort feet
Then tactful tried to have what I really appreciate what Aagafh ßĘíŃ because I heard that time ßĘíŃ foot Berehg and arteries.

Another need its currency ..
5. Foot reflexology
Before sleeping and after a bath Dafi .. At the moment of moisturizing the feet worked to my feet and massage massage Ahan heard Ende makes an stimulate blood circulation in the legs.
Another tip her village,,,
Foot Care require constant attention, Ahan like that Aamlual Version de once or twice a week!
Mona for Licua Best greeting and a man at ease

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