Les needs Matamelc de with "spouse"??

 Les needs Matamelc de with "spouse"??
    Les needs Matamelc de with "spouse"??

    Be Lena in your dealings with your spouse wisely, and trust in yourself, and decisive in your decision after consultation with them, they are your partner

    Always trying to strengthen the basis of mutual respect between you and your wife, and to consider for your wife as Noor eye, and made ​​her feel so in word and deed

    Made her feel love her, and echoed the words I love For مسامعها, this word will not fall out of her heart never

    If a mistake at work or a certain position عاتبها loving reproach, not reproach other clutching mistakes.

    Mark your wife you shall consider finite friendliness and respect, and manhood shadow of tent, and a column based on, nor dispense and you are in all aspects of their lives

    Smile to your wife find at your fingertips

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