Mineral rich mud many benefits for your skin

 Mineral rich mud many benefits for your skin
    Mineral rich mud .. Benefits for your skin Ktherhtain mineral-rich .. Many benefits for your skin
    Contains a lot of clay minerals in different proportions, including: magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, zinc ... Each type varies in color according to its properties and minerals it contains, it is good for health and beauty.

    Mud viscous nature, characterized by strongly absorbed, using Finder for scars and as a disinfectant, because not * Htoaúh silicate only * bulk Ominyum. It also activates the body and helped him to recover, but * Mullah * h.
    For beautiful skin
    Enters the mud in a large number of commercial cosmetics, and only * selection must be according to all skin problems and need. Natural clay available in pharmacies in the form of a paste or powder easy to prepare.
    Clay reacts with the skin and save them a lot of problems including: pollution, mixtures p * O dead, germs, toxins, it disinfects, cleans and stimulates blood circulation and lymph.
    Face masks
    Choose excellent mud-free sand and impurities. Often masks commercial cosmetics containing this article.
    You can do to prepare the mask on your skin cheaply, and by mixing the powder with clay mineral water or spring water to get the full paste Marhamah, skin can get stuck.
    Put a thin layer on your face by a small wooden spoon private, then called the mask dries. Just wax later with lukewarm water. Krryhzh process once or twice, but * Sbua, then called and your face relaxes for almost five weeks, before doing the process again.
    This mask helps keep the skin clean and bright. You can add some natural scented oils or vegetable oils to soften the dough. Mud only * eggs helps to tighten the pores The mud only * Khadr is suitable for acne and pimples but * Kzima either mud syphilis is polished skin and give it only * Sharaka ..

    Body soap
    By using a mud bath and cover the body (except * preferred to do this within the institutes), can only * benefit from mud soap. A small workshop of mud powder active effective massage.

    * Sinan beautiful
    That mud only * eggs or only * Khadr is free of sand and impurities can be used to wash the mouth or cleaner Lalla * Sinan and that dip brush only * Sinan wetland powder clay, and rub only * Sinan them carefully, then washed with pure water. This is a good way to clean only * Sinan and strengthen the gums and get the same refreshing. Only cleaners * Sinan made ​​of mud, especially dedicated to the vulnerable and sensitive gums are antiseptic and resistant Lalla * to Thabat.
    The medical benefits of clay
    That many medical benefits of clay, is used in various forms for Ola * leather Gat and some only * Thabat n by only * T:
    - In the form of as made ​​of thick mud paste, applied to the skin is cold, hot or tepid.
    - Linking Kkmadh moistened with liquid mud paste.
    - Pinch of powdered disinfectant and Ola * c for some wounds and only * Kzima.
    - Khmam mud, packaging, especially for Ola * both * c joints.
    - Using the Adobe Kaala * c internal dissolves in water to treat stomach and only the * Maae, due to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial toxins. To prevent more Valtin only * eggs best markets for the digestive system.
    - Mouth wash and gargle, which helps resist Alqla * p (blisters in the mouth and tongue lashes) but beware of natural clay, it does not * without risks, and you should consult a doctor before use and respect for ingredients, especially through the mouth. To avoid only * Nfala * T reverse, it is advisable to use only * wooden tools or thick ceramic or glass and only * Ptaad only * metal and crystal instruments and ELPLA * Steak.

    Colored clay
    - Only * white clay or kaolin: sang Balsiles (sand flint), which is less absorbent clay * Khadr, and helps the body to recover only * Mullah * h and get rid of toxins. Used for dry and sensitive skin.
    - Mud only * Khadr: sang magnesium oxide and necessities, it's not * many benefit. Effectively to regulate the sebaceous gland secretions, helps the body to recover only * Mullah * h, a tonic suitable for normal or oily skin.

    - Red clay only *: return color to iron oxide, and fertility, essential necessities. Restores balance and helps to renew mixtures p * O. Suitable for normal skin, dry or sensitive.
    - Mud only * Zero: Tonic, sang Bala * Mullah * h, restores only * and as a prisoner to mixtures p * O. That only * ratios for normal skin and fatty.
    - Mud Syphilis: a nice blend of red mud but * only * eggs, indispensable necessities, suitable for sensitive and thin skin, which tend to only * Hmrar.
    - Mud only * Glaucoma: has only properties * antiseptic Xjh, granted only * brighter and suitable for all skin types.
    - Gray mud: sang Balsiles, using compresses tear resistance and both * joints. Fit * Stamala * T Medical.

    What apostle Rhassoul clay
    Clay natural extract of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, is used since ancient times in the bathrooms clean and Ela * c.
    - In washing hair: He has several properties. Absorbs fat and only * Sach, helps to wash your hair gently, but يتلفه. Can Hmbwan natural that gives volume and shine to the hair, and regulates secretions of the sebaceous glands, which is effective for hair soft and electrified, and the hair dry, mixing Cmbwan with almond oil can also add rose water or orange blossom water to get the smell of perfume.

    - Skin Mask: mud mask is used on the skin and the result is amazing. Tightens pores, granted only brighter and removes black points. Heat the protective layer of the skin is to stimulate the sebaceous glands. Prophet advised for sensitive skin and all skin types. Wash with well water.

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