Who is the ideal pair of woman's point of view?

Who is the ideal pair of woman's point of view?

I wonder if asking this question on your ear What will be your answer
Religious man God-sensitive transaction in all matters of life

Man romantic dreamer who Ihtwik his love and affection not makes Tsttaan life without

Tolerant man who forgives order slips ordinary life do not hold it against them and it impede the course of married life among you.

Sincere man who does not make the lie any domain in an interview with his wife and then in all his life.

Wafa sincere man who keeps his wife and her feelings in her absence by their presence and does not make any place for doubt in his actions.

Man jealous man who feels his wife as a very expensive and her feel his love and his jealousy and but correct jealousy with full retaining his trust and lack of doubt.

Gallant man with high morals who does not wait for his money and do not force it to spend it out of pocket and that this happens to be by mutual consent and not forcing.

Father, son and brother and beloved friend and lover of the man who can play any role you need a wife and fill any vacuum you feel.

The man who will be for his wife, a crown on her head and makes Princess all people.

The man who makes his wife longed to him even in front of her and can not consider any other man other.

Educated man who understands Aallowaay who can understanding with his wife and makes his partner in all decisions.

The man who makes his wife loves dialogue with him and not dictated or bored his rest in the depths of herself to talk.

A man who can meet all their needs, mental and moral material before you find all the comfort when you see it.

Via Muasher couples Are these qualities not found in many of you?

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